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Winners Of The 26th Annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Announced

HIGH TIMES Held The 26th Annual Cannabis Cup This Week In Amsterdam

As we know, people celebrated Thanksgiving throughout the United States this Thursday. Surely, the majority of American’s spent the holiday at home with friends and family, as is tradition.

However, there is another tradition that took place Thursday as well, albeit on a different continent. The 26th Annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam this week (Nov. 24-28). Members of the cannabis community traveled from all corners of the earth to join in the celebration.

The event was stacked with musical performances, informational workshops, panels, and exhibitors. However, the event was centered around the Cannabis Cup competitions that tend to steal the show each year.

Winners Of HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Held In Amsterdam

Congratulations are in order for everyone who placed in this year’s Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. Judging from the results, it seems as if the Tangie strain stood out in a lot of the judges’ minds. It was represented in the top 3 in the Neder Hash and Coffeeshop Flowers categories, in addition to taking first place for Seed Company Sativa. The complete list of winners can be found below.

Next, HIGH TIMES will turn its attention towards Los Angeles, where they will be holding the Medical Cannabis Cup February 8-9. Two-day VIP tickets for the LA Medical Cannabis Cup are available now for $70. Single-day tickets are also available. Saturday tickets cost $35, whereas Sunday tickets are $25.

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