Henry van Ameringen Makes Hefty Donation To Legalization Efforts In Oregon

SALEM, OREGON – A large marijuana legalization activist group, entitled New Approach Oregon, received a hefty sum from an heir to a fragrance company fortune this week. The coalition of Oregonians who are pushing for a responsible legalization approach on cannabis, received the $100,000 contribution to add to other donations made last year.

New Approach Oregon Receives $100,000 Donation

New Approach Oregon has been working to put their legalization initiative onto the November 2014 ballot for Oregon residents to vote on since last year. With the new donation of $100,000 from Henry van Ameringen, a New York based heir to the fragrance company International Flavors & Fragrance, it may be the financial boost that they needed for 2014.

New Approach Oregon had received a great deal of contributions last year from the Drug Policy Alliance and also Peter Lewis, who was the chairman of Progressive Insurance Company before he passed away in late November of last year.

Lewis gave $64,000 to New Approach Oregon the month before he had died, and was a major contributor to cannabis legalization efforts. However, up until Wednesday, New Approach Oregon has been unable to receive any significant donations since.

Legalization Campaign Begins Collecting Signatures

In order to get the initiative put before voters in Oregon, the group will have to collect 87,213 signatures, a feat that Anthony Johnson, New Approach Oregon’s chief petitioner, does not believe will be a problem whatsoever. New Approach Oregon will have until the July 3 deadline to obtain the needed signatures.

“In order to get the initiative put before voters in Oregon, the group will have to collect 87,213 signatures.”

Beginning Thursday, the campaign manager of the New Approach Oregon initiative said they began collecting signatures Thursday.

henry van ameringenLiz Kaufman, the veteran political consultant running the campaign, stated that they would quickly be able to collect the 87,213 signatures necessary before the deadline.

With the confidence members have with the legalization campaign and recent financial boost they received from Henry van Ameringen, it seems as though the initiative may have a solid chance into getting onto the November 2014 ballot.

Along with New Approach Oregon’s initiative, voters may see another measure on the ballot as well. Paul Stanford, owner of a chain of medicinal marijuana clinics in Portland, has been obtaining signatures for his own measure that would have softer restrictions on the legalization of the plant. His initiative would allow individuals possess up to 24 ounces of dried cannabis and up to 24 plants for home cultivation.

New Approach Oregon Initiative To Legalize Cannabis

The Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act if passed would allow the possession of up to eight ounces of dried cannabis for those 21 years and older and allow up to four plants for cultivation inside one’s home. Oregon’s Liquor Control Board will regulate the entire system.

“With the support of major national donors, New Approach Oregon can hope that this system could reach the 2014 ballot…”

Johnson points out that he wants to enact a completely “responsible marijuana law” with a “strict system of control.”

With the support of major national donors, New Approach Oregon can hope that this system could reach the 2014 ballot and let the voters of Oregon decide on the outcome.

Johnson had expressed that they are open to compromises from state legislators in regards to the initiative. Now that members of New Approach Oregon are collecting the signatures needed to get the initiative onto the ballot, it will be a matter of time to see if they are able to receive 87,213 signatures before the deadline.

If so, Oregon will have yet another chance at legalizing cannabis after the failure of the Oregon Ballot Measure 80 in 2012.


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