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Pennsylvania Patients Forced To Hide Their Medical Cannabis Use

Every person should have the right to obtain cannabis legally. Cannabis plant treatment is safer and more effective than pharmaceuticals, especially opiate based pain medication and many cancer-therapy drugs. Still many patients do not have the right to access medical marijuana legally and are forced to obtain and medicate outside of the law.

PA Man Uses Cannabis Oil To Treat Lung and Liver Cancer

Recently a man from Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, came forward to tell his story. He feels passionate that others need to know what cannabis treatment has done for him. Without revealing his identity, ABC 27 News shared his story.

“If I was on morphine, which is what I had to be on before, I would not be talking to you. I would be on the couch drooling.” – Mr. Doe

John Doe (as we’ll call him) was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer and given less than a year to live. Wanting more time with his family, he began chemotherapy. Just months later he and his family were disappointed to find out the cancer was spreading in his lungs and liver. Then, much to his surprise, he was presented with an option that he had not given much thought to. One of his doctors suggested he consider medical marijuana.

pa mmjDespite being skeptical that MMJ treatment was only “hype” and “for the potheads,” he decided to give it a try. For almost three months, he ingested and vaporized whole plant cannabis oil he makes himself, costing about $3,000 a month to produce. After the fourth month, Mr. Doe received the results from his most recent CAT scan. The results were staggering. All of the cancer found in the lungs was gone and all of the the tumor sites he had in his liver had significantly decreased in size. “I was shocked. I dropped to the ground. I could not believe it,” he goes on to say. Mr. Doe is off all pharmaceuticals now, but confesses he still uses cannabis in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy to continue his treatment.

Before airing the story, ABC 27 reached out to the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and state physicians. It seems that a large number of medical professionals agree with the compassionate use of medical cannabis, but many are taking a cautious approach until more research is conducted. PAMED recently voted to ask the state to fund research on the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

New Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced to Senate

“I believe that doctors who can now prescribe some of the most potent drugs in the world should be able to prescribe medical marijuana,” Gov Wolf as quoted by KDKA Mar 2015.

A renewed push to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is underway, and this time the state’s governor is voicing his support. Supporters of the Medical Cannabis Act, Senate billSB 3, met at the state Capitol on October 22 urging state legislators to “adopt, sensible, comprehensive medical cannabis legislation.” The bill is similar to last session’s Senate bill SB 1182. The new bill expands the methods of delivery to include vaporization, oils, pills, liquids and gels. Smoking will not be allowed.

The latest version of the bill lists specific eligible medical conditions, but lawmakers are working on an amendment that would give medical professionals the responsibility to determine what conditions cannabis can treat. SB 1182 cleared the Senate 43-7 in September before stalling in the House late last session. SB 3 already has half of the Senate signed on as co-sponsors and many hope it can be passed by the end of the year.

Do you want access to legal medical cannabis in Pennsylvania? Contact your local legislators and ask them to support cannabis legislation.