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Nanette Porter served the corporate legal community for over 20 years as a trademark paralegal specialist. The role combined global research and asset management. Unfortunately, Nanette’s medical condition worsened and was forced to leave the career she loved. As a state-licensed medical cannabis patient, she now wants to give back to the industry by sharing her knowledge and wisdom with entrepreneurs and start-ups in the industry.

Nanette has a degree in Paralegal Studies from Hagerstown Business College. She was the co-founder, past president and member of the York County Paralegal Association. She was also very active in the International Trademark Association.

In The News

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September 13, 2014

The Big Companies Are Watching Consumer Products Like Hawks… BEWARE!
Everyone deals with trademarks on a daily basis. Trademarks are everywhere. They are in your kitchen, in your bathroom, in newspapers, in magazines, in restaurants, in department stores, on television, on radio — even on benches and buses. As consumers, our purchasing decisions are constantly influenced by trademarks. Everyday each of us encounters hundreds of trademarks. A trip to a grocery store or mall will put you in contact with thousands of trademarks in just one visit. As business people, we need a better understanding of why trademarks are so important to effective commerce and how to protect ourselves. Venice …

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