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How Much is a Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, and Ounce of Weed?

Unless you’re one of the fortunate ones able to purchase cannabis in person at a local dispensary, you’ll generally get your medication from a delivery service, on a street corner, or from a friend [or even a friend of a friend]. Present laws and politics in most jurisdictions differ significantly so there is little chance to compare product, making much of the strain-specific and pricing information unreliable across the board. A strain from one source can differ almost entirely from a strain from another source, even though they have the same strain name.

More disturbing, is the fact that some people are paying more for low-grade cannabis than patients obtaining lab tested, high-grade medication with a doctor’s recommendation or MMJ card. So, how do you know when you’re overspending or getting a good deal? To become an educated cannabis consumer, you first need to become familiar with the different weights cannabis is typically packaged and sold in, as well as how much you should be prepared to spend at each of the different weights.

How much cannabis should I buy as a first-time patient?

That’s a tricky question — with no correct answer. Everyone is different, and each situation you find yourself in will require fast-thinking on your part as the buyer. Cannabis is typically weighed, packaged, and sold by the gram, eighth (⅛), quarter (¼), half (½), and/or 1 ounce (frequently referred to as a “zip”). The amount of cannabis you should consider purchasing at any given time is dependent on a variety of factors, including, but not limited too, how much you smoke on a daily basis, your desired use-case [vaporizing or packing your bowls take significantly less cannabis than rolling joints, blunts, etc.], the quality of the bud in question, and your budget at the time.

There is an obvious cost-savings when investing in larger quantities of cannabis, but many first-time patients will not need more than an eighth (⅛) of cannabis to last them for a few days [or even weeks for those who rarely medicate]. As such, it is recommended that first-time patients start low [1 gram – 1 eighth] -eventually working your way up to larger quantities as you become more and more familiar with the amount of cannabis that you personally need. Do not feel the need or pressure to overspend just to save some extra bucks, especially if you foresee yourself taking just 1-2 hits per session; you can [almost] always get more cannabis when you run out of your current stash.

how much is an eighth of weed

How much does an eighth of marijuana weigh?

How many grams are in an eighth of cannabis? Well, to be exact, an eighth of an ounce is 3.54375 grams; however, the standard practice most dispensaries use is to round it to 3.5 grams. Some generous dispensaries and deliveries will give you a free 0.5 grams, making an eighth 4.0 grams — although dispensaries that do this most likely make up the difference by increasing the cost of the eighth from the get-go.

The “size” of an eighth of cannabis depends on a couple of different factors. Compressed/bricked weed will be more compact thus taking up less space than a fresh flower which tends to be fuller. Many times Indica-dominant strains will have a more compact bud structure, whereas Sativa-dominant strains are often light, fluffy, and airy. Generally speaking, an eighth should yield around 15-35 doses, but could last longer if you are micro-dosing (or) it could last shorter if you are rolling your weed into joints, blunts, etc…

How much should an eighth of weed cost?

The simple answer: it depends. Location, availability, method of growth, and the grade and quality of the cannabis will all affect its price. Generally speaking, most eighths are sold between $30 and $75, with $60 being the average price for pristine, well-grown cannabis. Some marijuana dispensaries [especially in California] frequently implement $30 “caps” for eighths to attract a larger patient base that are budget conscious. Essentially, this just means the dispensary will never raise the price of an eighth over their advertised ceiling/cap price.

If you are in Los Angeles or another Californian city, you should be wary of buying cannabis from these locations, as most of these dispensaries are working around a legal loophole and are technically considered illegal due to the fact they are not included on the list of storefronts that have pre-ICO status. Additionally, the low price point typically means the cannabis they vend is not lab tested for pesticides, mold, and/or potency — factors every patient should be looking for when buying cannabis.

How much cannabis do I need to feel the effects?

The average amount of cannabis you need to feel the effects is around 0.2 grams, but the amount does vary from patient to patient and plant to plant. A new patient may start to feel it working with as little as 0.05g, while someone who medicates on a daily basis may need .25 grams or more to achieve their desired effect. The more sparkling trichomes you see on your buds, the less product you need to use. If it is your first time using marijuana, it is recommended to start low and go slow (eg. use a very small amount — just 1-2 puffs worth). Allow a couple of minutes to feel and get comfortable with the effects before continuing to medicate.