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New Utah Poll Finds 66% Support Medical Marijuana Legalization

A new poll released this week has found that two-thirds of Utah residents support allowing medical marijuana use in the state, despite the state legislature once again failing to pass a comprehensive medical marijuana law.

chartAccording to the poll, which was conducted by Dan Jones & Associates for the online political newsletter UtahPolicy, a whopping 66% of Utah residents want to “legalize medical marijuana, as long as it is prescribed by a licensed doctor.”

Some of the key findings from the poll include:

  • 55% of Utah Republicans favor legalization of marijuana, prescribed by a doctor, 40% oppose and 6% don’t know.
  • 90% of Democrats support medical marijuana, 8% oppose and 2% don’t know.
  • 76% of political independents favor legalizing the plant for medical use, 19% oppose, and 4% don’t know.
  • 49% of the “very conservative” say legalize it, 44% oppose, and 8% don’t know.

Earlier this year, two bills to expand Utah’s extremely limited medical cannabis program were approved by the Senate, those measures died in the House at the end of the state’s 45-day legislative session. Both bills attempted to expand 2014’s extremely limited CBD-only medical marijuana law, which allows patients suffering from intractable epilepsy to possess cannabis extracts that contain more than 15 percent CBD and no more than 0.3 percent THC.

Utah medical marijuana advocates are expected to try to place a measure on the statewide ballot in 2018, unless the legislature acts sooner.

The poll of 600 adults was conducted from March 23 to April 5. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4%.