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New Utah Poll Finds 66% Support Medical Marijuana Legalization
A new poll released this week has found that two-thirds of Utah residents support allowing medical marijuana use in the state, despite the state legislature once again failing to pass a comprehensive medical marijuana law. According to the poll, which was conducted by Dan Jones & Associates for the online political newsletter UtahPolicy, a whopping 66% of Utah residents want to “legalize medical marijuana, as long as it is prescribed by a licensed doctor.” Some of the key findings from the poll include: 55% of Utah Republicans favor legalization of marijuana, prescribed by a doctor, 40% …
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Utah Physician Fights To Treat 16-Year-Old Daughter’s Cancer with Cannabis
A new bill known as S.B. 259 aims to legalize medicinal cannabis in Utah and is currently moving through the state legislature. In order to be voted on, the bill first had to make it out of the Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Standing Committee. After hearing testimony from supporters and opponents, the committee voted 3-2 to pass the bill. It now moves onto the full Senate for a vote, which is expected to take place Monday, March 2, 2015. Dr. Wilson Fights to Use Cannabis for His Daughter …
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Medical Cannabis Reform Bill Introduced in Utah
Cannabis reform is sweeping the nation, and more states are legalizing whole-plant medical cannabis as well as high-cannabidiol extracts. Utah lags behind other states, with no current medical or decriminalization laws. Possession of less than one ounce of cannabis is a misdemeanor, which can result in up to six months of incarceration and a $1,000 fine. The Need for Change in Utah There is a critical need for safe access to cannabis …
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Utah Doctors Appeal For Medical Marijuana Tinctures
Utah Doctors Support Medical Marijuana For Kids Three Utah physicians submitted a letter in support of medical marijuana to the state’s Controlled Substances Advisory Committee last week. Written by Dr. Francis Filloux, a pediatric neurologist, the letter calls for the committee to allow medical marijuana tinctures in the case of epileptic children. He and his two colleagues who signed on in support join a recent push to allow CBD-rich cannabis …


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