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News Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) May Prevent Degenerative Disc Disease
What is Intervertebral Disc Degeneration/Degenerative Disc Disease? Intervertebral discs sit between each vertebra (bone segments of the spine) and are comprised of fibrous cartilage. They act to stabilize and mobilize the spine, and also to absorb shock that results from movement, in order to prevent damage to the body. When intervertebral discs are damaged and degenerate (most commonly in the regions of the neck and lower back), the spine loses stability and mobility, and several complications can arise, including osteoarthritis (vertebrae start to rub together), herniation (discs bulge out and may compress nerves), and …
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News Study: Small Doses Of Cannabis May Help Treat Schizophrenia
There has been an abundance of conflicting information about the potential relationship between schizophrenia and cannabis. A controversial study published in December suggests that smoking cannabis may exacerbate a genetic disposition that makes people more vulnerable to schizophrenia, but multiple studies [1,2] have shown that the plant can greatly benefit schizophrenic patients. In hopes of expanding our knowledge on this relationship, a group of researchers from the University of Manchester (UK) and the University …
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News Preliminary Study: CBD May Help Battle Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder experienced by children, and approximately 20% of patients (around 93,200 children in the US, and around 153,000 children in Europe) are unable to control their seizures with commonly used medications. Due to the growing evidence that some cannabinoids found in cannabis may help to reduce neuron hyperexcitability, certain strains are being used to help treat epilepsy. This is particularly true of cannabis strains with a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD). In turn, pharmaceutical companies have been working on ways repeat …
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News Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) May Help Treat Social Anxiety Disorder
The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is an interesting one. Large concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is often tied to bouts of paranoia and anxiety, however it is well-documented that cannabidiol (CBD) found in cannabis can counteract this effect. With that said, a group of Brazilian researchers published an article in the 2011 Journal of Psychopharmacology that further investigates the relationship between cannabidiol (CBD) and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Their results suggest that CBD could offer a way …
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News Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) May Help Fight Cognitive Impairments From Alzheimer’s
There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that cannabis is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. It shows particular promise in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, and Clint Werner covers the topic in detail in his book Marijuana Gateway to Health. With that said, a group of Australian researchers, led by Dr. Tim Karl, published a study in this month’s edition of Psychopharmacology that offers further insight. It suggests …
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News Study: CBD-Based Therapy May Help Treat Schizophrenia
For years the faulty argument has been made that cannabis causes and/or increases the likelihood of schizophrenia. Of course, much of this position has already been debunked in one way or another. A study published in 2004 determined that cannabis can help counter psychosis; another study published last year found that cannabidiol (CBD) can help improve cognitive function in schizophrenic individuals. Accordingly, a number …
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News Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) May Help Prevent Alcohol-Induced Liver Damage
It is no secret that alcohol consumption can negatively affect one’s liver. This is because it can cause an excess of fats and lipids and additional oxidative stress (i.e. damage caused by free radicals). With that said, a recent study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine offers an interesting preventive measure. Funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) could help protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage. Researchers …
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News Study Shows Cannabis Extracts Rich In Cannabidiol (CBD) May Effectively Treat Colon Cancer
As we know, cannabis extracts have been reported to treat a number of ailments. There have been a number of anecdotal success stories, leading to an increased interest in cannabis concentrates (RSO, BHO, Solventless Wax, etc.) as a viable treatment option. Following suit, a recent study adds a …
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News Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) May Inhibit Brain Cancer
Glioma is the term used to describe a tumor that originated on the brain or spine. Each year, 10,000 Americans are diagnosed with malignant glioma. Of those, about half will die within a year of diagnosis. Only 25 percent are still alive after two years. Researchers Investigated Glioma & Its Reaction To Cannabinoids Most often occurring in the brain, malignant gliomas are rarely curable despite years of research on the subject. Traditional therapies like radiotherapy and chemotherapy have had limited success, and glioma’s ability to spread to normal tissue makes surgery difficult. “Each year, 10,000 Americans are diagnosed with malignant …
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News Cannabidiol (CBD) Makes Its Way To The Forefront
It is no secret that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) received the most attention in the past as far as cannabinoids are concerned. Growers in search of strains with the strongest high used selective breeding techniques to build their plants’ THC levels over time. Interest In Cannabidiol (CBD) Research Is Rising “CBD has grabbed the attention of breeders across America.” As a result, cannabis testing labs across the US began reporting THC results above 25%, but at a price. Many of these strains were, and still are, incredibly low in …


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