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Review Butter Caramel Lozenge by Healthy Highness
1 Gram of Indica-Based Cannabutter in Each That’s right! Each Butter Caramel Lozenge consists of Cannabutter containing THC and CBD extracted from approximately 1 gram of primarily Indica medical marijuana. The fact that Healthy Highness chose Indica (body) rather than Sativa (head) cannabutter, makes this a popular choice among patients suffering from chronic aches and pains, anxiety disorders, as well as those who just love the taste of butter caramel. Other base ingredients include White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cream, Vanilla, Salt, and Rum Extract. There is roughly 42.9 calories in one of these lozenges and as much …
Review Roasted Nut N’ Honey “Nutty Butter” By Healthy Highness Edible Co.
Nutty Butter is a peanut butter spread made by Healthy Highness Edible Company, and is available in Roasted Nut ‘N’ Honey and Hazelnut flavors. Every day throughout my elementary and middle school years my Mom packed me a bagged lunch with a sandwich, stringed cheese, some 3D Doritos, and a chocolate Snack Pack (Thanks Mom). I was such a picky eater that I refused to eat fruits or vegetables, and I would only eat PB&J sandwiches…hold the ‘J’. That’s right, plain old peanut butter and white bread. I was, and still am, obsessed with peanut butter (and an extremely picky …
Company Healthy Creation Edibles
Healthy Creation Edibles LLC. is a medical marijuana infusion manufacture, in Denver Colorado. We have been operating a successful, compliant business in a free-standing commercial kitchen for the past five years. Our mission is to bring something different to the market of infused products that carries a higher standard of quality through freshness, effective and consistent dosing, better ingredients and taste. Our product lines are for medical patients of Colorado who are seeking a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals. We have created a variety of products that can fit most patient’s needs and dietary limitations making us a one stop shop …
Review Healthy Highness Banana Nut Cake Review
For a donation of ~$10, patients can receive a gourmet Banana Nut Cake by Healthy Highness that is infused with cannabutter containing roughly 2 grams of Indica in each. Topped with a smooth, sweet cream cheese frosting that remains untouched and in perfect shape, due to the strong packaging each Healthy Highness edible is wrapped in. Other main ingredients in each Banana Nut Cake include butter, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, baking soda, salt, and walnuts. “As with most edibles, it is highly recommended you keep these snacks refrigerated at all times. This will definitely keep …
Review Trippy Tarts Lemon Tart By Healthy Highness
2 Grams of Cannabis Indica In Each Lemon Tart The Healthy Highness girls sure do know how to make a dank edible. I know this because I have literally tried every one of the edibles the company has to offer medical marijuana patients. Needless to say, I have been really impressed with the amazing flavor of each edible in Healthy Highness’s edible lineup. But most importantly, when I think of Healthy Highness, I think of a medicating experience that is going to be noticeable and provide significant pain relief for at least 3 to 4 hours. Do not underestimate …
Review Healthy Highness Medicated Red Velvet Cannacake Edible Review
As you may expect, this Red Velvet Cannacake by Healthy Highness works great as a medicated dessert. Red Velvet cake is my favorite type of cake, which makes this edible almost too good to be true. Despite the intense amount of cream cheese icing (which I instantly scraped off some with a knife), this medicated snack is one of the best tasting edibles California has to offer medical marijuana patients. I try to keep a small stash in the fridge at all times for those really stressful days you want to kick back and relax for a few hours.
Review Samoas Brownie: A Blitzed Brownie From Healthy Highness Edible Co.
This member of Healthy Highness’ Blitzed Brownie line was inspired by my all time favorite Girl Scout Cookie, “Samoas”. This tasty edible was made with all the standard ingredients of a delightful brownie (flour, brown & white sugar, butter, chocolate chips, vanilla, etc.), but was topped with toasted coconut, caramel, chocolate and shortbread crumbs. It definitely brought me back to the days of crushing whole boxes of Samoa cookies in one sitting. They are just too good to stop… Girl Scouts Don’t Have S#%@ On The Healthy Highness Girls Unlike many edibles on the market, this Samoa …
Company CANAPA Edibles
CANAPA is a California-based medical cannabis company that offers high quality cannabis edibles and wellness products. We are a team of health-conscious entrepreneurs and cannabis connoisseurs dedicated to creating healthy, cannabis infused products.
Company Auntie Em’s Edibles Company
Auntie Em’s Edibles Company creates vegan and gluten free infused confections in SoCal. Our cupcakes and cookies come in three potency tiers; 140mg, 180mg and 1000mg.
Review Introducing The 4.20 Bite, An Infused Edible From The Venice Cookie Company
Are you a medical marijuana looking for an alternative to smoking or vaporizing? The 4.20 Bite from the Venice Cookie Company might just be the answer to your prayers. With a taste similar to tootsie rolls, the main difference here is that these snacks are infused with roughly .7 grams of dried Sativa cannabis per edible. In fact, these medicated treats were so close to Tootsie Rolls that they actually received a letter from Tootsie Roll Industries to change their product name from Lil’ Tootsies to what brings us …


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