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Cannabis Plant Anatomy: Trichomes 101
What are trichomes? If you look closely at a healthy cannabis plant, then you will undoubtedly notice the many glistening translucent resin glands protruding from the buds. These resinous outgrowths are known as trichomes. “In addition to housing the essential compounds of the Cannabis plant, trichomes play an important role in the survival of the plant.” Trichomes house the key components of the plant that give it its therapeutic and psychotropic properties. These glandular structures are predominantly responsible for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids, the biologically active compounds unique to the Cannabis plant. Barely visible to the naked eye, trichomes …
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What Is Your Favorite Strain’s Personality?
Article sponsored by Evolab If you are keeping up with the pace of cannabis culture, you have no doubt noticed that terpenes are showing up on shelves everywhere in different forms. Of the 50,000+ terpenes that are found in nature, over 140 of these flavorful compounds are specific to cannabis. Terpenes are found in varying combinations that give each strain its unique personality including flavor, smell, effects, and medicinal potential. Walk into a dispensary today and you will see that concentrated terpenes are being heavily marketed in tandem with a variety of cannabis concentrates (like live resin …
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Finding The Optimal Therapeutic Ratio Of THC And CBD
In last week’s post we explored the entourage effect and how all the compounds within the cannabis plant work together to give the plant its therapeutic versatility. But one question remains in minds of many medical cannabis patients: “what is the optimal ratio of cannabinoids for my needs?” The answer, like many questions in the world of medicine, is still being researched. Given the fact that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two most prominent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, …
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Cannabis Concentrates: Vital Steps To Making Award-Winning Extracts
There are many different ways to produce cannabis concentrates, but butane honey oil (BHO) is probably the most popular method used in America today. On that note, there are quite a few factors that come to play when determining the quality of a particular batch of BHO. With The Secret Cup right around the corner, I caught up with Daniel de Sailles, the event’s co-founder, who offered a few suggestions for people who wish to produce clean, connoisseur-quality concentrates. Daniel …