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Bellevue, Washington
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Roller’s Suite

A Boutique with the idea of creating a “Glass Connoisseur’s Haven”. We pride ourselves in offering the most Unique Selection of High Quality, Underrated, Unknown, Exclusive, Premium; Glass Pieces of Art, Nails Made of Titanium or Glass and MUCH MORE

Our Mission

We want to show you what your missing out when your using a cheap chinese knock off, and show you how much you can save if you just buy glass MADE IN AMERICA + BY AMERICAN GLASS BLOWERS. We also want to provide you with the Most Unique, Premium, Durable and Beautiful Glass Art, and Elegant, One-of-a-Kind, Not Available in the Pacific Northwest, and Ornate glass and titanium equipment for Dabbing. Our goal is for you to go to and be blown away and excited about our products. We want to be a reliable and trustworthy boutique, that your really happy you finally found some where you can purchase items made of Glass Titanium and more. (More items to be released soon!!)

Company Overview

The company was founded to offer our customers a selection that sets itself apart. With high standards in mind, we hand-pick everything from premium Works of Glass Art to unique Dabbing Items, made from titanium, glass and more. These Products are not you every day, everyone has, cheap and breakable products. We have search high and low for only durable, unique, premium, ornate, exclusive, One-in-a-Million, type products. And we continue to add more products Daily-Weekly.

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