Portrait of David Abernathy


David Abernathy started his career doing project administration and management a London based engineering and consulting firm. From there he transitioned to an Australian investment bank where he worked with the Infrastructure Legal team financing billion dollar wind farm projects. He spent several years doing investment due diligence, freelance business development, and business administration consulting. From 2009-2012, he ran a financial services and consulting firm for the medical cannabis industry whose clients included cultivation collectives, dispensaries, equipment manufacturers, and cannabis R&D companies around the State of California. Mr. Abernathy worked as an adviser to UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy on a report for the City of Oakland about the economic impact of regulated, large-scale, indoor cannabis cultivations. David now runs Special Operations & Projects for The ArcView Group, teaches the Economics of Cannabis at Oaksterdam University, and co-owns an indoor miniature golf course.

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