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DJ Short is a cannabis breeder whose name is among the most celebrated in the cannabis industry. He started growing in the 1970’s and has developed some of the most famous strains in the world from landrace genetics.

The Blueberry strain is where DJ Short earned a great deal of his popularity, but he responsible for the Flo strain as well.

In The News

January 17, 2014

True Blue Cannabis Strain: A Relaxing Hybrid With A Floral Scent
The True Blue strain is a hybrid known for its extremely floral aroma and ability to provide a relaxing full body buzz, believed to be the result of in-breeding DJ Short‘s original Blueberry strain. The True Blue Strain Has Obvious Blueberry Influence As mentioned, it is often suggested that the True Blue strain stems from an inbred hybridization project from a popular breeder that goes by the name of DJ Short. Additionally, the Blue Dream strain has been mentioned as a possible parent for True Blue, probably …

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