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As an Alumni of Rochdale College, [’70-’71], in Toronto, Canada, I began my interests in the Cannabis Industry. I learned a lot about the Plant, and it’s wonderful properties. I have been an active grower since the early ’80’s. I now have my MMJ authorization for Washington State. I have developed a dry ice tumbler, that is totally contained. It gives a superior return of high grade kif. I then have my own recipe for then using alcohol to extract a potent hashoil form the kif. If BHO is like ‘honey’, my oil is like ‘molasses’. A richer, more full bodied taste, and effect. Tests have come back in the 55%-70% active THC range. Of course, final potency depends on the quality of the source material. I’m sure with better material, I could achieve THC results even higher. I even do ‘salvage’ work. I have had very good results processing material that was moldy at harvest, buggy, or just not suitable for butter or blowing BHO from. Even high quality shade leaves can work. My method involves ‘washing’ the oil to remove contaminates and improve the taste. Don’t ever throw anything away! I hope to capitalize on the market for a non-BHO hashoil concentrate. I do extractions on a ‘share’ basis. Any amount. 1lb – 100lbs. Depending on amounts, quality , and processing needed, shares range between 60/40 – 50/50 – 40/60. I pay all material costs. Dry ice, alcohol, etc. References upon request. I can service the Puget Sound area, and I am based in the N. Kitsap area.

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