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Canadian Doctors Given The Green Light To Prescribe Medical Marijuana
Since Canada has legalized medical cannabis, they have spread out access availability across the country. Physicians have been given licenses to prescribe marijuana, however, until recently Canadian doctors have lacked a set of guidelines to follow when providing their patients with specific usage instructions. Canada Doctors Now Prescribing Cannabis To Patients The College of Family Physicians of Canada has created a new set of guidelines to instruct doctors how and when to help their patients medicate with marijuana to treat their specific condition. “Physicians are in a difficult situation with a product that remains illegal in Canada and yet for …
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Introducing A New Model For Canadian Medicinal Marijuana
Health Canada is beginning the phasing out of the country’s old medicinal marijuana system Tuesday, a program Health Canada was driven to start by court decisions back in 2001. Canada’s Conservative government is completely revamping the medical marijuana market starting Tuesday. By launching a $1.3-billion free market, the government hopes to provide an expected 450,000 Canadians with quality cannabis. Prior to the change, the medicinal marijuana system in Canada relied heavily upon small-scale homegrown cannabis that was often times diverted to the black market. The old system licensed 4,200 growers to produce cannabis for a maximum of two patients. These …