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Study Finds Healthcare Providers Need More Education On Cannabis
As more and more states legalize cannabis use, the demand for medical cannabis products and cannabinoid-based therapies continues to grow. Unfortunately, the knowledge and application of these therapies by American healthcare providers is underwhelming. A newly published article in the Epilepsy & Behavior Journal highlights the findings of researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham after surveying healthcare providers on their attitudes and knowledge about cannabis, and has confirmed what most of us already knew– healthcare providers need more education on cannabis. The online survey of US-based (1) neurologists, (2) nurse practitioners / nurses, and (3) …
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Marijuana Legalization Is A Winner At The Polls
Five more states have passed marijuana legalization initiatives. Mississippi and South Dakota voters approved legalizing medical marijuana, joining 33 other states and the District of Columbia. Adult possession of cannabis was legalized in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota. These states now join the District of Columbia and the other 11 states that have already approved the recreational use of the plant. Mississippi Mississippi’s constitutional amendment is one we will need to watch. It establishes a state-licensed system of dispensaries for patients to obtain cannabis products. The measure mandates that State officials begin providing licenses for retailers no later …
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Dispensaries Plan To Open Soon Despite Medical Marijuana Mess In Missouri
Although medical cannabis has technically been legal in Missouri for over a year and cards have been issued, patients are still waiting desperately for dispensaries to open across the state. On November 8, 2018, Missouri became the 31st state to legalize medical marijuana. Missouri residents overwhelmingly voted in favor of Amendment 2, with 65.59% of the vote — more than 1.5 million votes. In fact, the amendment garnered more votes than any other measure on the ballot, including the vote for Governor. Amendment 2, which became effective on December 6, 2018, legalizes marijuana for medical purposes, allows …
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California Extends Expiration of Medical Marijuana Identification Cards
California Gov. Newsom issued an executive order today that extends some critical deadlines that have been impacted by COVID-19. One of these extensions affects the expiration dates of some medical marijuana cards held by patients in California. Medical marijuana identification cards issued under Health and Safety Code section 11362.71, which would otherwise have expired between March 4, 2020, and any day within 60 days from the date of the executive order (May 20, 2020), shall remain valid for 60 days from the date of the order. It is important to note that the executive order only applies …
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The Beehive State Goes to Pot – How To Get Medical Cannabis In Utah
Utah was the 33rd state to legalize medical marijuana. That legislation was passed in 2018, but it wasn’t until the first week of March this year that Utah’s medical marijuana patients have had legal access to medical cannabis. Dragonfly Wellness in Salt Lake City was the first pharmacy to open its doors. Since then, True North’s Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary has opened two locations, one in Logan and one in Ogden. Fourteen pharmacies in all are permitted under Utah law, while eight companies (including one currently in the plans for Weber County) have been licensed.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program
The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced in March that in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is taking steps to assist those who require access to medical marijuana. Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s order, dispensaries and other businesses operating in Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis industry are deemed to be essential, life-sustaining entities that need to remain open to support the Commonwealth’s growing patient-base. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commonwealth temporarily suspended certain statutory and regulatory provisions. For starters, dispensary workers are now able to provide medical cannabis to a cardholder in their vehicle located on the facility’s …
2019 Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival – Fall Marketplace
The 2019 Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival will be the first Fall Marketplace @ Renningers Farmers Market in Kutztown PA. Over 50 vendors, live music, canna-centric speakers & discussion panels. The event is free to the public.
Zelda Therapeutics Medical Marijuana and Autism Consensus
  This symposium is a science-focused seminar of medical professionals with experience in potential benefits/risks associated with the use of medical marijuana to treat a range of behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Dr. Rachel Levine, Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, will present an update on the PA MMJ Program; preliminary results of the current Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia observational study examining the landscape of current medical cannabis use in ASD will be highlighted. There will be international experts presenting information on autism and treatment with medical cannabis. Parents/caregivers of children diagnosed with ASD who have …
The 6th Annual New England Cannabis Convention
The annual New England Cannabis Convention in Boston is attended by cannabis growers, consumers and business cultivators across the region. Last year the event boasted an attendance of over 9,000 people. NOTE: Legal CBD products and seeds are available for sale, but NO THC CANNABIS products of any kind will be displayed/gifted/sold.
Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts
The mission of the Cannabis Control Commission is to honor the will of the voters of Massachusetts by safely, equitably and effectively implementing and administering the laws enabling access to medical and adult use marijuana in the Commonwealth. The Commission will foster the creation of a safely regulated industry that will create entrepreneurial and employment opportunities and incremental tax revenues in and to communities across the state and which will be a best practice model for other states. The industry will be characterized by participation by small and larger participants and with full and robust participation by minorities, women and …


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