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September 20, 2013

Northwest Naturals Petite Honey Jar By The Venice Cookie Co.
The Venice Cookie Company, the creators of one of the most potent chocolate bars we have had to date – The 4.20 Bar – recently debuted their new line of healthy and potent spreads, Northwest Naturals. Like their Coconut Butter we recently reviewed, the Northwest Naturals Honey is all organic, gluten free, dairy free, includes no corn syrup and is 100% fat free. The ingredients in this medicated honey include organic, cannabis infused coconut oil and honey straight from the …

September 19, 2013

Northwest Naturals Coconut Butter By The Venice Cookie Co.
The Venice Cookie Company, the maker of our favorite strawberry lemonade, has been working hard in the kitchen to develop a healthy and potent spread for patients. Meet their new line of edibles, Northwest Naturals. As we know, cannabinoids are best absorbed by saturated fats such as butter or coconut oil. As a general rule of thumb, the more saturated a fat is, the easier it is for the body to break down in order to absorb the cannabinoids. Since Coconut Oil is about 92% saturated, it makes an excellent fat to use in cannabis …

March 27, 2013

Roasted Nut N’ Honey “Nutty Butter” By Healthy Highness Edible Co.
Nutty Butter is a peanut butter spread made by Healthy Highness Edible Company, and is available in Roasted Nut ‘N’ Honey and Hazelnut flavors. Every day throughout my elementary and middle school years my Mom packed me a bagged lunch with a sandwich, stringed cheese, some 3D Doritos, and a chocolate Snack Pack (Thanks Mom). I was such a picky eater that I refused to eat fruits or vegetables, and I would only eat PB&J sandwiches…hold the ‘J’. That’s right, plain old peanut butter and white bread. I was, and still am, obsessed with peanut butter (and an extremely picky …