How do I use my nose to identify Indica cannabis strains?

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Last updated: June 1st, 2016

Unlike Sativa strains, which tend to grow tall and lanky, Indica strains tend to grow short and stout in composure (usually between 2-6 feet tall), produce less of a yield (1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant), and are typically more potent (higher THC%) than its Sativa counterpart.

Using your nose to identify and distinguish Indica vs. Sativa strains will take some practice, but it is possible. The flavors and smells of Cannabis Indica include; pine, skunk, earth, hash, or a sweet and sugary fruit flavor. One of the most common terpenes in Indica strains is alpha-pinene, an organic compound found in the oils of rosemary and sage as well as many species of pine trees.

Pinene is capable of increasing mental focus & energy, and has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to retain and restore memory. The terpene can also work as an expectorant, bronchodilator, and a topical antiseptic. Pinene is also found in most OG strains as well as most other strains with Afghani genetics.

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