Should I grow weed using HID grow lights?

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Last updated: June 1st, 2016

That’s a tricky question. Ultimately, what type of grow lights you should use is your decision to make as the grower based on the factors/constraints you are faced with including local laws, indoor or outdoor space, privacy issues, energy usage, cost of grow, and more. HID lights are the most common type of grow lights for general purpose indoor applications because they are extremely efficient and capable of producing intense light indoors. Metal Halide “MH” lamps give off a bluish spectrum, perfect for vegetative growth. They also contain some ultra violet radiation “UV” which is useful for combating pests, molds and promoting the production of essential oils in aromatic crops. High Pressure Sodium “HPS” emit a yellow / orange light that simulates the fall sun-perfect for flowering and fruiting. Many growers combine HPS and MH lamps to provide a better overall light spectrum for their plants.

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