777 OG Marijuana Strain

777 OG: Exclusive to Southern California?

777 OG Hybrid (what's this?)

As a medical marijuana patient, you usually have many different types of OG strains to choose from when ordering from a dispensary. It can be hard to separate all the different OG strains and remember what each specific OG strain off-spring tastes, smells, and smokes like.

Similar to Most Other Heavy OG Strains

You may notice some growers using the names of different popular characters such as Yoda, Sky-walker, or 007 OG. Similarly, you may find many different “Planetary OG’s” (Mars OG, Venus OG, Neptune OG, etc…) which are all similar in smoke and effect. Nearly all OG’s carry a strong pine under-tone on the inhale that coats the lining of your mouth and throat, like a protective barrier for the heat.

Hits of 777 OG start off extremely smooth and tasty, but eventually expands into massive hits causing large coughing spouts. Holy pine!

777 OG is Extremely Potent Night-time Medicine

777 OG is one of the most potent night-time strains we have tested to date. Putting you in an instant full-body high coupled with a unique fuzzy head-high. Give it just a few hits and your eyes will get really heavy, slight short-term memory loss, followed by intense munchie cravings.

“This specific OG phenotype is one of the most potent night-time strains we have reviewed thus far.”

Probably not a good strain to puff on before going out because you will look BAKED. Simply no hiding it with this strain… it is too potent. A+ all around, this medical marijuana strain deserves its slightly higher price on dispensary menus.

If you are new to strains in general, just know that most of the OG strains will taste relatively similar (and that is a good thing). It will take time and patience, like being a wine connoisseur, to begin to taste the subtle differences between each marijuana strain.

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