• Banana OG Marijuana Strain
  • Banana OG Marijuana Strain

Banana OG: Banana Peels and Christmas Potpourri

Banana OG Indica (what's this?)

Banana OG is an Indica-dominant cross of OG Kush x Banana, that recently lab-tested at 25.46% THCa and 0.76% CBDa.

This strain really does taste and smell just like old bananas. If truth be told, it’s kind of a gross flavor. We were surprised to realize that there was hardly any OG kush smell at all to the Banana OG strain. Instead there were hidden undertones of cinnamon and some type of Christmas-time potpourri that I only could detect after giving some of the buds a good grind.

How The Banana OG Strain May Affect You

After the first bowl of Banana OG, a very mellow buzz set in most of my upper body that was very comforting. The initial buzz was heavily concentrated in my chest and behind my eyes, but crept slowly throughout my body until eventually ending with a full bodied mellowing effect. Even my eyelids became heavy and relaxed.

“This strain really does taste and smell just like old bananas. If truth be told, it’s kind of a gross flavor.”

Despite my abrupt hunger, after just about two bowls my entire body felt so relaxed that I didn’t want to get off the couch; this strain kick-started my appetite big time.

At first I thought that the Banana OG was weak because I felt none of the typical OG effects I was expecting. It just didn’t slap me in the face like most heavy OG strains do. However, I would advise everyone not to be deceived by the mellowing effects. After all, this strain does test at almost 26% THCa.

Give this strain its time to work its magic before loading up three back to back bowls like I did. The high crept up on me and held steady for nearly two hours before making me extremely tired. After some late night munchies, I was ready to crash. The Banana OG has a heavy sedative effect on the come down, making it a great strain for relaxing before bed. It’s also great for relieving muscle pain.

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