Chocolate Truffle from Truly Edibles

Chocolate Truffle Medibles by Truly Edibles

Coated in a hollow milk chocolate shell, hides a smooth potent mixture of dark chocolate and canna-oil. These chocolate truffle medibles by Truly Edibles come in two different portions depending on THC content; the smaller 4x portion (100mg of THC), and the more potent 10x portion (250mg of THC).

The creamy chocolate insides house enough THC for you to be significantly medicated for roughly 4-8 hours depending on how much you consume.

Today I am reviewing a 10X portion (of course I went for the more potent one). This edible is extremely potent and should only be eaten in bites. A good rule of thumb for most edibles is to limit yourself to consuming half at a time. Allow at least 45 minutes to 1 full hour to determine if the level of medication is adequate and see how it is affecting you. Most likely, it will be more than you need with these chocolate truffles.

Always remember to be careful with medicating with infused edibles. They seem harmless and can be so tasty it can be easy to forget that they are extremely potent and will put you right to sleep if you consume too much in one sitting. Just be smart about it… don’t be the person who freaked out because they ate the whole thing trying to prove something. Usually a great snack around 4pm because it will allow the medicine to kick in around 5pm and keep you continuously medicated until 10pm or so… Not bad for avoiding the harmful chemicals from the heat.

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