Cinderella-99 Marijuana Strain

Cinderella-99: Princess Meets Jack Herer

Cinderella-99 Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Cinderella-99
    • Cinderella 88
    • Princess

We have reviewed Cinderella X in the past… but today we are here to review a slightly different phenotype known as Cinderella-99. Lab tested at 21.9% total THC, this bud packs a punch! Cinderella-99 is well known for being a sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from mixture of Jack Herer and Cinderella 88 (Princess). Having such a high THC % makes this strain good for patients looking for a boost in appetite.

This batch of Cinderella-99 had a mild citrus and tropical aroma reminiscent of good ol’ Jack Herer. The flavor of the smoke is similar; sweet and sugary mixed with after-tones of citrus.

From our experience, Cinderella-99 is a great strain for daytime use and provides plenty of energy and excitement.

Be careful not to underestimate this strain or you may pass out or become paranoid if you continue to smoke. It seems to take around 3-5 minutes for the full-effect to take place. With the illusion of your body losing its weight, C-99 starts to make you feel like you are floating; it’s a very dreamy experience in my opinion.

Although the taste of Cinderella 99 was nothing special, it is important to remember we are here for the medicinal benefits in marijuana… and this strain has lots and lots of them. Great for settling stomach aches and relieving migraines and headaches. A perfect day time strain because it should give you energy while keeping you focused on whatever you find important at the time. Definitely a marijuana strain patients may want to consider adding to the medicine cabinet.

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