• Crystal Coma Marijuana Strain
  • Crystal Coma Marijuana Strain
  • Crystal Coma Marijuana Strain

Crystal Coma Is An Extremely Heavy Hybrid

Crystal Coma Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Crystal Coma
    • Unknown Sativa

Where The Crystal Coma Strain Originates

Crystal Coma was once available at Holistic Meds to medical marijuana patients in California — that is, until all of the raids on California dispensaries began back in 2008. When Holistic Meds was shut down by the feds, some patients were left empty-handed without access to one of the most effective strains to end the night with. Luckily, the grower has found a way to spread the love to other collectives and the Crystal Coma strain is currently available to medical marijuana patients at Alpha Medic of San Diego, CA.

“The intense mind-warp and soothing effect makes this strain a go-to option for patients suffering from insomnia and/or chronic anxiety disorders such as PTSD.”

Patients suffering from insomnia and/or anxiety disorders such as PTSD stand to benefit most from medicating with the Crystal Coma strain. Not only does it provide a deep, relaxing trance that seems to shut off that voice in your head, but the effects definitely seem to last far longer than other marijuana strains.

Insomnia and sleep apnea are no match for the Crystal Coma strain and its powerful jedi-mind tricks — consider it a creeper.

Crystal Coma Cannabis Strain Effects

When medicating heavily, expect to feel your motivation and energy begin to deplete as you enter into a deep coma-like state (hence the name). With unknown genetics, it is hard to know for sure what strains the grower crossed that yielded the Crystal Coma. However, there are noticeable traces of theCheese strain as well as Skunk #1, but it must be mixed with a heavy Indica strain to deliver the knockout punch like it does.

“Crystal Coma was recently lab tested by SC Labs at a hefty 26.2% Total THC, .8% CBD, and .2% CBN.”

You may want to find a comfortable spot to medicate with Crystal Coma, as you won’t want to do much after 10-15 minutes. After about thirty minutes, I found it extremely hard to have a deep thought or hold a long conversation. The crash (or comedown) was stronger than normal, making it a great strain to end the night in a deep sleep.

Visually, each Crystal Coma bud is covered from top to bottom in full-headed trichomes with thick reddish orange hairs. When you are buying this strain for the first time, make sure that the strain has an overwhelming stench of cheese. It sometimes has more sweet skunky undertones, but is generally cheesy.

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