• Diablo OG Marijuana Strain
  • Diablo OG Marijuana Strain
  • Diablo OG Marijuana Strain

Diablo OG: A Clear-Headed OG Strain

Diablo OG Hybrid (what's this?)

What Are The Diablo OG Strain Genetics?

The Diablo OG strain is one with a murky past and it can be hard to find agreement on how it originated. Many people believe that Diablo OG is a particular phenotype of OG Kushthat was found in a bag of Ghost OG seeds and renamed. While that is certainly possible, the uplifting effects I experienced led me to believe Diablo OG had more of a Sativa influence than other OG strains.

Digging deeper in my research led to a better explanation of the Diablo OG strain’s lineage. It actually is an extremely Sativa-dominant hybrid that is rumored to have been bred by Reseda Discount Caregivers – a collective in Los Angeles. The Diablo OG strain was the result of crossing OG Kush with the Diablo strain, which is an interesting hybrid in its own right. Once I realized the Diablo strain is a combination of Blueberry, Grapefruit, and an unknown African Sativa my experience with Diablo OG made complete sense.

Diablo OG Strain: Long-Lasting, Clear-Headed Anxiety Relief

In most cases I try to reserve OG strains for medicating at night. They are almost always a great way for me to ward off anxiety, but OG strains seem to have the same success rate in putting me to sleep before 10 o’clock if I turn to them early in the day. With that said, I visited VFL Collective in Burbank CA with all intentions of picking up a Sativa to help me focus during the day. The budtender assured me that I wouldn’t go wrong with the Diablo OG strain – she was right.

“The Diablo OG strain was slightly spicy with Nepalese hash-like undertones. It reminded me of black pepper with each inhale.”

This batch of Diablo OG had tight, compact bud structure consistent with most OG Kush flowers and a smell that reminded me of Chemdawg with a twist. The Diablo OG strain’s terpeneprofile is unique to say the least – this batch had a slightly gaseous, diesel aroma with a hint of mango. In terms of taste, the Diablo OG strain was slightly spicy with Nepalese hash-like undertones. It reminded me of black pepper with each inhale.

The heavy Sativa influence in the Diablo genetics was obvious after smoking a joint. Its effects were reminiscent of traditional African landrace strains, like Durban Poison, and are best described as clear-headed and uplifting. With that said, the OG Kush presented itself in the form of its trademark body buzz. It offered the same minor pain and anxiety relief that I experience with other OG strains.

Without a doubt, the Diablo OG strain’s staying power is one of its best qualities. The clear-headed anxiety relief from just one joint easily lasted me two hours. It’s not often that I come across flowers able to relieve my anxiety with that amount of efficiency. Those searching for a daytime strain to help relieve minor pains or anxiety may want to consider picking up a batch of Diablo OG from a reputable dispensary.

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