• Marsh "Mellow" Crispy from Dr. Robert's
  • Marsh "Mellow" Crispy from Dr. Robert's
  • Marsh "Mellow" Crispy from Dr. Robert's

Dr. Robert’s Marsh “Mellow” Crispy Treat

This medible is brought to you by Quality Delivery of Coronado and is available to medical marijuana patients in the surrounding areas. Developed and baked by the Dr. Roberts company, this Marsh “Mellow” Crispy Treat is sold for ~$6 which is fair, considering the smaller amounts of cannabis that are in each of the packaged snacks.

“This Marsh ‘Mellow’ Crispy Treat is definitely not as potent as the other edible products from Dr. Roberts — which explains why the price is much cheaper than the normal $12 cookie.”

The main ingredients in this medible are rice & cocoa crispies, marshmallow, cannabutter, and semi-sweet/milk chocolate chips. Being an extremely simple edible to make, this is one of the more common edibles you will find available to patients throughout the different dispensaries California has to offer. There are 4 servings per marsh mellow crispy treat, although I believe that is on the high side. I personally consumed the entire edible with only a minor effect that was not that noticeable.

Unlike the other Dr. Robert’s edibles, this rice crispy treat lacked the strong medicinal effects that the others seemed to have. Although the effects were not extremely strong, these medibles do provide a nice mellow effect that can be felt within 30 minutes to 1 hour (hence the name).

I believe it is best to think of these as a quick snack to keep the medication flowing through your veins. By no means is this marsh mellow crispy treat meant to be a regular way of medicating — instead, I like to think of these edibles as a nice change of pace to start the morning off on the right foot. Great with a glass of milk to collect your thoughts and stay medicated.

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