• Flint OG Marijuana Strain
  • Flint OG Marijuana Strain

Flint OG: Perfect OG For Sativa Enthusiasts

Flint OG Hybrid (what's this?)

Flint OG Is An Extremely Deceiving Cannabis Strain

This phenotype of OG Kush smells/looks like an Indica, tastes like a Sativa, and hits like a Hybrid strain. Insane. Although the genetics are unknown, I think it is safe to assume that Flint OG may have originated in the town of Flint, Michigan. However, I have a few friends that went to college in Michigan and they informed me that they used to call low quality weed “Flint” or “Flint Town Brown”. Either way, we were particularly intrigued by this phenotype, and it definitely wasn’t low quality by any means.

While the majority of the Flint OG buds were dense, popcorn-sized buds covered in red hairs, some of the larger nugs in the batch were foxtailed out and somewhat airy. When you stick your nose in the jar, your nostrils are filled with lemon-pine and a subtle fruitiness. But as soon as you break it up, the fruity scent is multiplied and the pine is less noticeable. It sort of reminded me of a bowl of Fruit Loops with lemon drops on it.

You Cannot “Follow Your Nose” With This OG Phenotype

Flint OG had a sweet and sugary inhale with only subtle lemon-pine undertones. The taste blew me away and was complete surprise; I didn’t expect a sweet taste from the smell it was giving off at all. Despite smelling like fruit, Flint OG hardly had any fruit flavor. The exhale was sugary and sweet, similar to a lot of Sativa strains we have had in the past.

A face warming effect set in immediately that was similar to the head rush provided by the Phantom OG we recently reviewed. This, along with the foxtailing, led us to believe that Flint OG is most definitely a hybrid with a strong sativa pedigree.

“After being blindsided by the sugary sweetness of a Sativa, I couldn’t wait to get another taste of Flint OG.”

Generally I can judge how good a strain is by how excited I am for the second hit. After being blindsided by the sugary sweetness of a sativa, I couldn’t wait to get another taste. Upon exhale, a soothing body buzz set in as I sat back in my chair and let the calming sensation settle in. The high was very mellow and mindless. I found myself zoning out and enjoying my surroundings rather than over-analyzing them as I often do when smoking a sativa. My mind felt relaxed and carefree, yet I was still able to focus on whatever activity I was engaged in.

The buzz lasted a little under 2 hours and left me content for an additional hour or so. The mellowing effects provided by this strain makes it a perfect choice for a daytime medication. I would recommend it to anyone who deals with high anxiety or stress. This is also perfect OG to roll up with your friends at a kickback or any other social setting.

If you are a patient in the San Diego area, this medical marijuana strain is available at Freedom Farmers.

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