• Halo OG Marijuana Strain
  • Halo OG Marijuana Strain

Halo OG: Extremely Potent Night-time Strain

Halo OG Hybrid (what's this?)

Calling Master Chief! The genetics of Halo OG can be linked to the potent night-time mixture of Tahoe OGand Larry OG. Yes, this batch was really lab tested by SC Labratories at an insane (mind-blowing really) 30% total THC, .6% CBD, and .3% CBN. With a THC percentage so high (keep in mind the average max THC used to be ~20%), patients can expect a huge increase in appetite. Literally minutes after puffing Halo OG our stomachs began to growl. Great for people suffering from stomach issues or eating problems.

“This batch of Halo OG was lab tested at a whopping 30% total THC, .6% CBD, and .3% CBN.”

With potency like that, it is no wonder why this medical marijuana strain is one of our all-time favorites. These buds are sparkling, dense, and trimmed beautifully. The aroma and taste are reminiscent of the normal heavy pine taste you may be used to from most OG strains. Being such a high potency strain, we would be inclined to only recommend this for daily cannabis connoisseurs with a very high tolerance.

The high is instant, just one puff needed with Halo OG. It creates a full-body high that seems to really creep up on you. Induces a prolonged, deep trance, vibrant lights, and spaciness. You just want to sit and stare so don’t plan on being active or social. Great for combating anxiety, stress, minor pain, and sleep apnea. This OG strain is sure to bring you back in time — making you feel higher than you’ve probably been in a while.

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