• Jacks Poison Marijuana Strain
  • Jacks Poison Marijuana Strain
  • Jacks Poison Marijuana Strain

Jacks Poison: A Very Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Jacks Poison Sativa (what's this?)

The Jack’s Poison strain has a strong, eyebrow-raising aroma that is exactly what you’d expect from the offspring of Jack Herer (sweet & fruity) and Durban Poison (pungent & fruity).

With undertones of lemon/candy, the smoke from each hit of Jack’s Poison is smooth, chilled, and tastes better than most cannabis strains we review on a day to day basis.

Just one glance at the strain pictures and you will notice that Jack’s Poison is completely covered in sticky trichomes. Under the correct lighting, you can see the trichomes appear tan in color (the tiny hairs that house cannabinoids), where as its hairs appear much thicker in diameter, and are dark burnt orange in shade.

“A Very Heady Experience, Perfect For Sativa Lovers”

Although the genetics are kept a secret, it is believed Jack Herer stems from the lineage of Northern Lights mixed with the offspring of Shiva Skunk and Haze. Mix this with Durban Poison, which is known to be a pure Sativa landrace/strain from Africa, and end up with a very strong Sativa-dominant strain capable of providing patients with an upbeat high that would be great for battling depression and/or managing stress.

Being a Sativa strain, Jack’s Poison will mainly affect the mind. Although you will feel significantly high from just 1 bowl, this strain shouldn’t make your body feel stoned or that tired. Considered to be a good cannabis strain to wake and bake with, as it will leave your mind focused and speed you up — rather than slow you down.

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