• Lemon Tart from Healthy Highness
  • Lemon Tart from Healthy Highness
  • Lemon Tart from Healthy Highness

Trippy Tarts Lemon Tart By Healthy Highness

2 Grams of Cannabis Indica In Each Lemon Tart

The Healthy Highness girls sure do know how to make a dank edible. I know this because I have literally tried every one of the edibles the company has to offer medical marijuana patients. Needless to say, I have been really impressed with the amazing flavor of each edible in Healthy Highness’s edible lineup. But most importantly, when I think of Healthy Highness, I think of a medicating experience that is going to be noticeable and provide significant pain relief for at least 3 to 4 hours.

Do not underestimate edibles from the Healthy Highness company! They may look and taste harmless, but hidden behind each of these sweet tasting edibles is enough cannabis to knock out a first-time edible consumer. The effects are extremely long-lasting and could be considered overwhelming to low-tolerance patients.

“The effects are long-lasting and can be felt throughout the entire body. My limbs instantly felt heavy, but never as heavy as my eyelids became.”

I’ve seen first hand the overwhelmingly heavy effect of one of these Lemon Tarts on someone who has never medicated with edibles before. These definitely have the power to make your entire body feel very tired, starting with the eyes and slowing thought process. I’ve already seen a few patients try these Lemon Tarts and end up falling asleep on the couch within 2 hours, only to call me up the next day and tell me how strong these were.

However, for high tolerance patients like myself, it’s safe to expect a much more chilled experience that feels like a buzzing full-body force-field as opposed to the deep body melt I get from some stronger edibles like the Double Strength Brownie by Dr. Roberts Edible Co. I didn’t feel super stoned or extremely tired personally, instead I could feel myself getting better. The Cannabis Indica in this recipe is apparent; I could instantly feel the tension in my muscles begin to release as my stress level completely leveled to zero.

“Allow Up to 75 Minutes For The Edible To Take Full Effect”

The lemon tart in the center is soft and sweet and acts as a sponge for the 2 grams of Cannabis Indica that is infused into the cannabutter in each edible. Surrounding this is a crumbled graham cracker shell that provides a layer of texture that is much-needed to counteract the sweetness of the lemon tart.

Of course, it just wouldn’t be complete without a layer of delicious whipped cream that sits perfectly on top of the edible. The lemon tart is moist and too soft to eat with your hands (without being ridiculous messy), so make sure to grab a fork or spoon before digging in. When asking dispensaries which Healthy Highness edibles are patient favorites, the medicated Lemon Tart is consistently at the top of the list.

Good luck getting your hands on some of Healthy Highness products though, as they are currently only available in SoCal at select medical marijuana dispensaries, such as Freedom Farmers in San Diego, CA.

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