Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box Official Review


  • Released: May 2009
  • Manufactured By: Magic-Flight
  • Manufactured In: San Diego, CA
  • Designed In: California
  • Designed For:
    • Dry Herb
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Overall the Launch Box is a decent portable vaporizer made in San Diego, California by company that goes by the name of Magic-Flight. However, to be honest, it was a bit of a let down for me. Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a portable vape for those times away from your home unit, the Magic Flight Launch Box does have a competitive price tag set at $119 — which is certainly on the cheaper side when comparing portable, dry-herb vaporizers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a vaporizer that produces high quality vapor, has a sophisticated look and feel, and variable temperature settings, the MFLB is not the answer to your prayers. If high quality vapor is your top priority, portable vaporizers as a whole typically won’t be the right choice for you if you are constrained to using dry herb as most of them use conduction heating rather than the preferred convection heating method.


What Arrives In The Mail

I was overwhelmed when I opened our mailbox to find the MFLB had finally come to review. Upon opening the box, I found an even smaller, all-white box. Inside was a sleek black tin box, which immediately brought back childhood memories of collecting baseball or hockey cards in similar tins. The Magic Flight logo is printed on the lid of the tin in bright neon print, giving it a playful, yet professional feel.

The interior of the tin is lined with black felt making it a perfect traveling case for the MFLB. The kit comes with the MFLB, two full-charged NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries (no you cannot use regular AA’s), 2 battery caps and charge station, a draw stem, and a brush for cleaning purposes.

magic flight launch box

How To Use The Magic Flight Launch Box

The rechargeable batteries simply plug into the charge station, and into the wall. We found it best to keep the batteries on alternating charge schedules, because the charge lasts for about 2-3 packs in our experience. We didn’t find this to be a huge problem, but with the selling point of the product being portability, you would expect a longer battery life. In addition they provide a very helpful MFLB “Flight Guide,” that walks you through using the box. The guide goes over advanced draw techniques, MFLB “Theory & Physics”, and care & maintenance.

“The quickness, discreetness, and simplicity of the MFLB were the standout features for me.”

The first step to a successful session is grinding your herb especially fine. If it is coarse, it will not heat evenly and you are essentially wasting your herb. After you grind the herb, dump it into the trench, avoiding packing or pressing the herbs down. Load the trench no higher than the side of the trough, and snap the lid closed. To begin vaping, simply insert a fully charged battery, and hold until vapor begins to form (about 2-5 seconds). This is the best thing about the MFLB. If you have your product ready to go, you can be vaping within 10 seconds, compared to the 1-2 minute heat up time of most vapes. In addition, the product is completely silent and operates only when the battery is engaged. You know when the battery is engaged when the small light below the trench begins to illuminate. After you see vapor begin to build, hold the MFLB level and inhale extremely slow. That is all there is to it. After every hit be sure to mix your herb for even vaporization.

magic flight launch box

After experimenting, we found the faster you inhale, the cooler the vapor is. The down side to inhaling quickly is that we did not feel we were getting any vapor, and couldn’t see anything upon exhale. We found it better to keep the battery engaged while “sipping,” the vapor out every few seconds after letting it build up. This was the only way we could produce the large vapor hits we were looking for. However, when you let the vapor build up, it tends to produce hotter, harsher vapor.

There Are Some Big Downsides To The MFLB

The Magic Flight Launch Box does not preserve the taste of the herbs you are vaporizing like other vaporizers do, and the smell is definitely noticeable when using the “sip,” method. I felt it wasn’t worth using high quality herb when using the MFLB because the “vaporizing” experience doesn’t vary.

“In addition, I felt that no matter what technique I used, the vapor produced by the MFLB always seems to have a distinct flavor and smell of burnt popcorn. There are definitely better vapes in the same price range currently on the market.”

Their website claims that the unit will not combust despite the unit having no heat regulator or CPU managing the heat settings. This is incorrect, as the bud will continue to burn if you do not stir it around or remove it from the unit when it has been heated to its maximum. Because of this, the MFLB takes some learning to find the perfect way to take draws that result in a vapor that is actually pleasurable — something I still haven’t been able to accomplish after weeks of using the wooden box. I would recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box to patients who are completely new to vaporizing and aren’t looking to make a large investment in a system like the V-Tower or Volcano which come jam-packed with way more features and better materials.

magic flight launch box

The customer service at Magic Flight is outstanding. The product comes with a lifetime warranty and they are constantly working to improve their products. The new premium MFLB’s are offered in Cherry for $139, or Walnut for $149. They also sell a power adapter for unlimited at-home use, as well as a water pipe adapter and whip for use with your favorite piece.

What do you think of the Magic Flight Launch Box?

Magic Flight definitely has some things figured out with their Launch Box; it’s simple, durable, silent, very portable, and most importantly, affordable. While I was let down by the taste and quality of the vapor, I was impressed that Magic-Flight figured out how to make a wooden box, stainless steel screen, and a battery into a starter vaporizer that has become ubiquitous in the cannabis community. The expression, “you get what you pay for,” definitely holds true here.

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