• Mazar Marijuana Strain
  • Mazar Marijuana Strain

Mazar: Smooth Taste & Fairly Easy To Grow

Mazar Hybrid (what's this?)

The Mazar strain was recently improved by the Dutch Passion Seed Company by mixing the previous Mazar genetics (Afghan/Skunk) with Skunk #1 (Sativa) to provide a more stable version of the plant.

“Mazar originally stems from Afghani/Skunk but has been recently mixed with more Skunk #1 to improve the flavor and add more stability.”

This new and improved Mazar strain is supposed to have a better, softer taste that is even more stable and easier to grow than its predecessor. Being an Sativa-dominant Hybrid, Mazar is known to give patients the best of both worlds. Instantly affecting the mind with an overwhelming rush of energy, this strain eventually works its way throughout the rest of the body to provide a lasting body buzz.

Mazar is not as heavy as some other Hybrid strains. In fact, it will typically leave you feeling up-beat and full of energy, despite its ability to provide a full-body buzz. However, like most marijuana strains, the Mazar strain has the ability to be much more heavy and tiresome when medicating in large quantities.

What Patients Can Expect From The Mazar Strain

The Mazar strain is most popular among patients looking for all-day pain-relief without the drowsiness or heavy feeling associated with most other strains with heavy Indica genetics. Luckily, the Skunk #1 in the genetics adds a layer of stoniness to the equation that makes Mazar good for combating stress, anxiety, depression, and/or chronic migraines.

When growing Mazar, the plants typically look and act more like Indica than Sativa. Mazar is popular among growers for its’ large yields of highly resinous crop with flowering times of just ~60 days. The buds are covered in a layer of thick orange hairs and are typically dense in structure.

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