• Neptune OG Marijuana Strain
  • Neptune OG Marijuana Strain

Neptune OG Great For Deep Relaxation

Neptune OG Hybrid (what's this?)

When I asked the dispensary what their best Planetary OG was out of the 5 available (Mars OG, Jupiter OG, Pluto OG, etc…), they said it was definitely their Neptune OG. To begin, what does it mean when we say OG when we are talking about medical marijuana? No it doesn’t stand for Original Gangster… it means Ocean Grown. The most notable characteristic about OG strains is their distinct pine stench. Also, almost all the OG strains are known to make you tired and are frequently used by patients as natural sleep-aids.

OG stands for “Ocean Grown” and refers to the unique California bay conditions which give OG strains their most desirable characteristics.

You can’t go wrong with most OG strains — it’s more about finding that perfect OG that has the effects you are looking for. The high from Neptune OG is instant, full-bodied, and will take you far, far away. To the eye, you can expect beautiful buds with good thick structure and an overwhelming amount of trichomes. However, it was a little leafy for our tastes once it was broken up.

Neptune OG gave us “the smiles” and kept us laughing at nearly everything even remotely funny. Literally could not stop smiling! Great for stress relief, the smoke session is sure to be relaxing and upbeat.

It’s one of those strains that you can inhale and just hold the smoke in your chest for as long as you want without any crazy expansion or worry of cough. The taste and smell is not like most other OG’s we review; it lacks that strong pine scent most OG strains are known for. It’s taste is very earthy, with a hint of citrus. Neptune OG should be known and appreciated for its smooth smoke, ability to increase appetite, and high potency.

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