• Purple Dynamite  Marijuana Strain
  • Purple Dynamite  Marijuana Strain

Purple Dynamite Good For Calming Spasms

Purple Dynamite Indica (what's this?)
  • Purple Dynamite
    • Purple Kush
    • Dynamite

Lab tested at 22.7% total THC, this heavy-hitting Indica is as jaw-dropping as it is delicious. The high percentage of THC will lead to an increase in appetite. Thus this strain would probably be a good choice for patients suffering from the side effects of chemo or a general lack of appetite.

“The Dynamite strain is award-winning and is believed to help patients combat extreme muscle spasms and nerve pain.”

Just a few puffs needed of this Indica-dominant strain before you start to feel the medicinal factors over-take your body. Genetics of Purple Dynamite can be linked to the combination of Purple Kush (Indica-dominant) and Dynamite (Hybrid). This may not exactly the best choice of medication before a big night out or something requiring a ton of activity, simply because this strain will slow you down a lot.

These Purple Dynamite buds are simply beautiful. The insane amount of trichomes make the dark purple buds appear frosty to the naked eye, like they have been doused in sugar. On the inhale, there is a sweet, explosive tropical flavor that seems to coat the mouth for minutes on end.

The buds are dense, creating thick fruity smoke that will expand in your chest. Even better flavor on the exhale, similar to grapefruit. Purple Dynamite has an amazing berry smell before and after it is ground up. Cannabis grown this amazing is almost a shame to smoke, but that definitely didn’t stop me from enjoying some of the finest herb known to mankind.

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