Fruity Rice Krispie Treat 100mg from Truly Edibles

Fruity Rice Krispie Treat by Truly Edibles

These fruity rice krispie treats by Truly Edibles are sold in two different sizes depending on potency: 4X (100mg) and 10X (250mg).

A great way to start off the morning, as long as you don’t take too much and get stuck in a deep trance state that is always a possibility when over-medicating with high THC infused edibles. Made primarily with fruity pebbles and canna-butter, these rice krispie treats could have been made using healthier ingredients. Diabetics will want to avoid this product altogether.

“Made primarily with fruity pebbles and canna-butter, these rice krispie treats could have been made using healthier ingredients.”

As always, the phrase “don’t be a hero” applies when consuming cannabis infused edibles. Simply eat what is directed first, wait the allotted time, then continue if you desire a stronger effect. I say this because edibles have a tendency to creep up on you over time, producing powerful effects that have much more of a full-body high than you would get from smoking cannabis.

It is recommended by Truly Edibles that patients only eat half a treat at a time. With just a few bites, you will find yourself in a very euphoric experience that could be considered overwhelming to the novice cannabis-user. It takes time to build a tolerance, so just relax and enjoy the ride if you are new to edibles.

Slight paranoia may arise, but usually can be linked to the unfamiliar effects one experiences. Once you accept and become normalized to the feeling of being significantly medicated, edibles become extremely enjoyable and provide an additional full-bodied boost of medication you simply can’t get from smoking. Just grab a glass of milk to go with this treat and enjoy.

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