• Romberry Marijuana Strain
  • Romberry Marijuana Strain
  • Romberry Marijuana Strain

Romberry Used For Its Medicinal Qualities

Romberry Hybrid (what's this?)

The Romberry strain has genetics stemming back to the combination of two legendary Indica-dominant strains: Romulan and Blueberry.

Considered to be at least 70% Indica-dominant, it is safe to assume that the Romberry strain is going to mainly affect the body with only a mild mental buzz. The Romulan strain has been world renowned for its medicinal qualities and long-lasting body high that helps cope with a variety of ailments. Just one bowl kept me significantly medicated for 2-3 hours.

Despite being more on the Indica side of the equation, Romberry seems to provide all of the medicinal effects you want from cannabis without the heavy, tired feeling generated by most strong Indica-dominant strains. Instead, it creates upbeat energy and a good mood, great for helping combat anxiety or depression.

What You Should Expect From The Romberry Strain

Knowing that Romberry is based off just two strains, it would make sense to look into its genetics and figure out how it is going to affect you. For starters, the Romulan is known mainly for its overwhelming narcotic effect. This makes the Romulan strain popular among patients looking to provide relief for symptoms dealing with asthma, anxiety, anorexia, chronic aches & pains, arthritis, chronic stress disorders like PTSD, and more.

“The Romberry strain produces an overwhelming strong aroma; each bud gives off a pungent, fruity stench with blueberry influences and Thai undertones.”

Unlike its aroma however, there is no fruitiness or pungent flavor with this strain. Instead, Romberry is sweet and sugary, typical of most strains with Blueberry in their genetics. When grown and cured correctly, the Romberry strain produces extremely smooth smoke with relatively no expansion in the lungs, making it easy to take large rips from the toro without coughing. Always a good sign that the growers took care and pride in growing this Romberry crop.

With seeds available from Freedom of Seeds and BC Growers Association, the Romberry strain is widely available to growers today. Considered to be an easy strain to clone or grow, it is definitely growing in popularity and chances are you will be seeing it available at your dispensary sooner or later.

Those who have medicated with the Romulan strain in the past know that it could use a little bit of help in the taste department, to make an even better medicating session. This makes sense why the breeders would then choose the Blueberry strain to mix with Romulan. This is because Blueberry is a stable strain that is known for its soft, subtle sweetness and flavorful smoke. Sure enough, the offspring from Romulan and Blueberry create a great, full-bodied medicine that tastes good and grows well, deserving the high rating we have assigned it.

Interested in this strain? It is currently available to San Diego medical marijuana patients at the Freedom Farmers Patient Collective.

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