• Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain
  • Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain
  • Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain
  • Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain

Sugar Cookie Strain: A Complex Hybrid

Sugar Cookie Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Sugar Cookie

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong. When I picked up this batch of Sugar Cookie I figured it was some variation of Girl Scout Cookies; it would make sense with the buzz surrounding the Cookies since Wiz Khalifa and Berner put it on the map. As it turns out, my logic failed me here. In fact, Sugar Cookie is the result of (Crystal Gayle X Blue Hawaiian) X Sensi Star.

Situations like this are fairly common in the realm of strain names. Often times a breeder/grower will choose a name based on a strain’s genetics (i.e. Super Jack). However, sometimes the name is derived from a characteristic unique to that strain, such as: taste, color, or effects (i.e. Green Crack). I quickly realized the reason for the name was probably the taste; the vapor had a mild, sweet flavor to it.

Although the Sugar Cookie strain may be Indica-dominant, it does have several generations of Sativa that influence its genetic structure.

While researching some of the genetics in Sugar Cookie I found that there is a nice mix of Indica and Sativa in its heritage. Crystal Gayle is an Indica-dominant hybrid; its genetics are largely unknown, but it contains Northern Lights #1. The Crystal Gayle was crossed with Blue Hawaiian, which is the result of Blueberry (Indica-dominant) and a Hawaiian Sativa.

Once this cross was stable it was introduced to Sensi Star, which is mostly Afghani (Indica) with some Sativa thrown in for good measure. The variety of its strain genetics gave me high hopes for Sugar Cookie.

The Sugar Cookie Strain Provided Me Mild Pain Relief

Sugar Cookie has the general make-up of an average cut of medicine. The flowers are a lush green with white trichomes sprinkled over them. The particular batch I got my hands on consisted of all small, compact nugs like a lot of Indica strains I run across. The smell was somewhat disappointing. When I opened the container I hoped it would resemble the Blueberry in its lineage or some of the Sativa spiciness. Instead, this strain had a mild scent to it that faintly resembled fresh sugar cookies.

This sugary sweet scent translated to Sugar Cookie’s taste as well. The sweetness of the vapor was pleasant, but it would have been ideal for the Blueberry to shine through and give my taste buds something to enjoy. In regards to potency, this strain is about average. Its effects tend to be relaxing and slightly euphoric. If you’re suffering from any mild aches and pains Sugar Cookie provides enough relief to ease them for a short time. The prevalence of Sativa does a good job of keeping you energized, so don’t expect a crash from this strain.

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