Our Commitment to Patients

Medical Jane’s shop and compare tool is designed to help patients and caregivers make more informed purchasing decisions. Whether you are a product manufacturer or retailer, we invite you to join the movement and submit your product to Medical Jane. We encourage and welcome all submissions for vaporizers and accessories, so long as they come with enough information to allow for proper comparisons within Medical Jane’s comprehensive toolset.

One of Medical Jane’s revenue streams includes sponsored advertisements and marketing services to relevant companies in the industry. While we may occasionally reserve high-visibility placements for paid sponsorships, we will never exclude your products or services from any tool or service as a result of not paying for (or continuing to pay for) advertising through the Medical Jane website.

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Manufacturer Responsibilities

While Medical Jane does its best to ensure the MJ business directory and shop & compare tools only include authorized resellers/retailers, it can be difficult to verify on a consistent basis. As a vaporizer manufacturer, you are expected to keep Medical Jane up to date on any new relationships you build for distribution. Additionally, you are to notify Medical Jane if any of your retailers violate any agreements you have with them (or inform us if they were never authorized in the first place). It is our goal to ensure visitors who purchase products recommended by Medical Jane are receiving their warranties without issue.

Product Defects and Recalls

Medical Jane will always be on the lookout for defects reported by the community at large as well as any recalls issued by your organization as required by government agencies. It is our expectation that you will be forthcoming about such events and report them to us immediately so that it can be disclosed to our community. Failure to do so will result in warnings being presented whenever your organization is mentioned on the Medical Jane website.

Additional Marketing Services

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