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Cannabis Industry Leaders Gather In Washington State

MMJ Business Daily Will Host Canna-Business Professionals

With a number of cannabis industry leaders already in the Seattle area for The ArcView Group’s pitch meeting on Tuesday, Medical Marijuana Business Daily is hosting their 2nd annual National Marijuana Business Conference this week. This year, the event will be held in Auburn, WA – 20 minutes outside of Seattle.

The conference expects to host 600+ dispensary executives, MIPs, growers, lawyers, investors, & canna-business professionals. It will be a three-day affair spanning Wednesday Nov. 6 – Friday Nov. 8.

This year’s National Marijuana Business Conference boasts an impressive line-up of 30 speakers, including Steve DeAngelo (ArcView), Rob Kampia (Marijuana Policy Project), Jamen Shively (Diego Pellicer), and Troy Dayton (ArcView).

Second Annual National Marijuana Business Conference

Wednesday will kick off with a pre-show workshop that will provide an overview of the legal, adult-use market in Washington and Colorado. New consumer demographics, market size, opportunities, and limitations all will be covered during the work shop. Further, there will be Q & A sessions about legal aspects of the new market, as well as new business opportunities.

Wednesday evening will bring about registration for the conference, and the night will come to a close with a cocktail event for networking purposes. With that said, registration will stretch into Thursday morning, along with a networking breakfast. The event will then hold a panel on banking and payment strategies in the market, followed by more networking over lunch.

“[The workshops] are intended to teach attendees strategies that will help capitalize on the rapidly-evolving legal cannabis market.”

After lunch Thursday, there will be workshops geared toward owners of various canna-business subtypes, including: dispensaries, ancillary businesses, andedibles and infused products companies.

Of course, each individual business tract will vary, but they all are intended to teach attendees strategies that will help capitalize on the rapidly-evolving legal cannabis market.

After about 3 hours of workshops, and a short networking break, Thursday will come to a close with the National Cannabis Industry Association’s 3rd anniversary fundraising banquet. An pre-banquet networking event is scheduled from 5:30 to 6:30, at which point the 4-hour banquet will begin.

The National Marijuana Business Conference is then scheduled to resume Friday morning with another networking breakfast, followed by presentations intended to help navigate the cannabis market. Namely, topics covered will include the following.

  • How Responsible Business Practices Will Lead to the End of Prohibition
  • Avoiding Raids, Audits & Injunctions in the Wake of the 2013 Cole Memo
  • How to Win Friends & Influence Lawmakers
  • How to Pick the Right Partners

After a few hours of presentations, there will be another networking event over lunch, to be followed by one of two options. Those interested may attend two cultivation workshops – “Growing Your Grow Operations” and “Opportunities In Industrial Hemp.” Others may attend a panel and presentation geared towards the overall business aspect of the industry – “The Little Guy: Surviving in a Competitive Market as a Mom & Pop” and “Achieving Success in Established Markets” respectively.

Finally, the second annual National Marijuana Business Conference will come to a close Friday evening following two more presentations that acknowledge the direction in which the industry is headed – “Getting to the Green: How To Find Investors AND Seal the Deal” and “Dreaming Big: Is a National Dispensary Brand Possible Yet?”

Medical Jane will be among the companies at the National Marijuana Business Conference in Auburn, WA this week. Matt Price (CEO) and Paris Holley (CTO) will be in attendance and look forward to interacting with cannabis industry leaders.