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Nice Patients Finish Last: Fight For Your Rights

When society at large admits to seeing the worst of our medical system, we have got a serious problem. This time the cry of help is coming from the families that are trying to treat their loved one’s conditions without cannabis, unsuccessfully. For them, the potential benefits of medical marijuana far outweigh the risks associated with the harmful traditional treatment options they are currently being prescribed by doctors & physicians.

The parents of children with epilepsy have it worst of all. With reports of families fleeing their home-state at a rapid pace to MMJ-friendly states like Colorado. Patient-refuge tales like Landon’s story and Mykala’s story give us a glimpse into a world that so many families are forced to face.

State Lines Shouldn’t Limit Access To Medical Marijuana

The epilepsy drugs approved by the FDA all come with a slew of long and short term side effects, some causing permanent damage to one’s body. Many children are prescribed multiple medications, leaving their parents with an unrecognizable zombie, in the form of their child. According to recent research, medical cannabis has been proving to decrease these seizures, helping epileptic children wean off harmful (sometimes addictive) prescription drugs, and get them back to doing what they should be doing: being kids.

cannabis curesJuicing cannabis has shown amazing promise when it comes to decreasing seizures, with absolutely no negative side effects. However, accessing live cannabis plants is an obstacle most Americans face, especially parents of ill children. Even if money wasn’t an issue (which it is), there just isn’t a place for people to go to juice cannabis regularly, at least in California.

Without consistent access to quality cannabis oil, patients cannot begin the process of removing current FDA approved medications from their daily regiment, without a reliable alternative set in place. These families live in constant fear of running out of medicine, as for many, medical cannabis is the only thing that works for them.

Finding A Quality Cannabis Doctor / Qualified Physician

The sudden removal of medication is not recommended, by any doctor, and the process must be carefully overseen by a qualified physician. To get the best care, you may want to do a search for references and find someone with extensive experience in the industry, such as Dr. Bonni Goldstein, a Los Angeles based cannabis-friendly doctor.

Finding a cannabis literate doctor is a challenge enough, before you even get to the medicine. This long list of complications is causing families to uproot their lives and relocate in hope of a better future.


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