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Ohio Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Ohio Lawmakers, Goes to Governor Kasich
A very restrictive medical marijuana bill, known as House Bill 523, is close to becoming law in Ohio. The measure cleared the Ohio Senate by just three votes, and the House followed by approving Senate changes 67-28. In an interview with the Late Show’s Stephen Colbert last November, Gov. Kasich said he would support medical marijuana legislation as long as it was properly written and there was a need for it. “If the experts come back and say, ‘We need this for people who have seizures,’ I’m for that,” Kasich told Colbert. Lawmakers hope the bill is …
The SideKick Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes
Sponsored by 7th Floor, LLC The SideKick is the newest portable vaporizer manufactured by 7th Floor, LLC, a Colorado-based producer of highly customizable and durable vaporizers for the past 9 years. Known most for its unique “stir while you vape” functionality, the SideKick vaporizer allows you to maintain the same great vapor quality throughout your entire session by manually stirring the bowl in between draws — and with a little practice. The American, hand-blown glass mouthpiece gives a touch of class to the SideKick vape. Inside the vaporizer you’ll find a unit that …
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An Educational Forum & Innovations Marketplace for MMJ is Coming to New York
Sponsored by the CWCBExpo The East Coast is the next frontier in the development and growth of the medical and legalized cannabis industry. The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo), held June 15-17 at the Javits Center in New York, is an event designed to promote entrepreneurial, educational and expansion opportunities. “CWCBExpo will help healthcare professionals and business owners navigate these new waters.” All under one roof, in the financial and media capital of the world, attendees will gain unprecedented knowledge, essential tools and establish solid business contacts to grow their existing business …
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Calling All Californians: Bernie’s Last Stand
The 2016 U.S. Democratic presidential primary race will go down as one of the most unpredictable, farcical and important races in modern memory, and Californians will have a crucial role in writing the ending to one of the more absurd chapters in American history. Get Involved In The Election Process and Vote! If you want to be part of that history, and you are not registered as a Democrat (or “no party preference,” and request a Democratic ballot) no later than this Monday, May 23, you will miss your opportunity. California also offers online voter registration, so …
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New Hampshire’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens
Nearly three years after lawmakers in New Hampshire approved legislation to allow medical marijuana for qualified patients, the Granite State’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened to patients this weekend. Located in Plymouth, Sanctuary ATC received their registration certificate to begin operations on Friday, according to a statement from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which oversees the state’s medical marijuana program. Later that day, the operators of Sanctuary ATC announced they would open for business on Saturday morning at 11:00 am. “We will, of course, continue pushing for further …
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Connecticut Considering Allowing Children Access to Medical Marijuana
Lawmakers in Connecticut’s House of Representatives have overwhelmingly approved a proposal aimed at allowing children suffering from epilepsy and seizure disorders to have access to some cannabis products through the state’s existing medical marijuana program. The bill, House Bill 5450, was approved by a vote of 129 to 13. It now heads to the Senate for consideration. “Connecticut is the only state that bans minors from participating in the state’s medical marijuana program.” Connecticut’s medical marijuana program was first approved in 2012, but there is no language written into the current …
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Pennsylvania Lawmaker: Don’t Prosecute Anyone for Using Medical Marijuana
One of the primary co-sponsors of Pennsylvania’s recently enacted medical marijuana law is asking the state’s district attorneys not to prosecute anyone for marijuana possession if the offender can demonstrate that they are using cannabis for medical purposes. Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach, who teamed up with Republican Senator Mike Folmer as the primary co-sponsors of Senate Bill 3, sent a letter Thursday to each of Pennsylvania’s 67 District Attorneys asking them to use “prosecutorial discretion to forgo prosecution of any person for possession of marijuana if he or she can demonstrate that he or she is …
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Governor Signs Law Making Pennsylvania the 24th Medical Marijuana State
Surrounded by hundreds of patients and advocates at the state capitol, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed into law a bill on Sunday afternoon that will make the Keystone State the 24th state in the nation, plus the District of Columbia, to pass a law creating an effective, comprehensive medical marijuana program. The bill, Senate Bill 3, was given final approval last week by both chambers of the Pennsylvania Legislature, and Wolf’s signature on the bill marks the end of a seven year battle to bring medical cannabis to the Commonwealth, a journey marred by roadblocks and detours. Opposition from House …
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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Australia
The Australian Parliament passed a measure Wednesday legalizing medical marijuana. The amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act will allow cannabis to be legally grown for medical and scientific purposes for the first time in Australia. So How Will Australia’s New Medical Marijuana System Work? Up until this point, The Commonwealth had laws in place that permitted the importation of raw cannabis material into Australia for medicinal purposes but cultivation of the plant wasn’t allowed. As the new bill explains, “the manufacturing provisions in the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 are considered inadequate to properly manage the risks associated …
Prof. Snook’s Canna Salvation – AC/DC Tincture (Olive Oil Base)
After decades of growers aiming to boost THC percentages in their crops, many producers have switched to focusing on harvesting CBD-rich strains because of the increasing demand by medical users. For those unfamiliar with cannabidiol (CBD), the compound has many medicinal benefits without the “high” that some patients do not desire. This makes products containing CBD appealing to patients who are looking for an alternative to their current meds, which often have opiate-like effects. The AC/DC strain of cannabis has become well known in recent years for its unique cannabinoid profile and record-setting CBD content. Many veterans have …


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