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Review: Cannabis-Infused Soap By BudSuds Provides Patients With Natural Bars Of Soap

If you are like me, you dislike how most mainstream bars of soap leave your skin feeling dry and rubbery. Not only that, many brands include a long list of unrecognizable and unpronounceable man-made (in a lab) ingredients, leaving a majority of people in the dark about what they are actually rubbing into their skin each and every day. Where most companies focus on keeping costs down, one company believes that soap should be made with natural ingredients and a little bit of love.

BudSuds is a manufacturer of infused cannabis soap bars based in New England. BudSuds was started by Amanda and Joe, Massachusetts natives, about a year ago. The couple has known one another since elementary school, became high school sweethearts, got married, and now live in the very house where Amanda grew up as a child.

What Is In BudSuds Soap Bars?

Each honeycomb BudSuds soap bar contains raw African shea butter, raw cocoa butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, local honey and/or beeswax, clay, hemp oil, essential oils, sodium hydroxide (not found in final product) and cannabis plant materials. The ingredients are not only recognizable but they are truly stellar choices for soap. Amanda took classes on soap making and product knowledge gaining any bit of information she could get before beginning her journey.


Realizing that no one was making soaps that actually contained real cannabis, the couple discovered that many skin conditions weren’t being offered any alternatives. She and Joe have now cornered the market creating soaps that sell out faster than they are able to make them. Each of the scents are given cute names such as Blue Cheese Eucalyptus, Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint, and Lemon Kush Honey.

My Experience With BudSuds Soap Bars

I chose to take a bath for my review of the AK47 Lavender BudSuds. The first thing that caught my attention was the adorable packaging. These products are both fragrant and visually appealing. The only other company that has ever gotten me this excited about a bath would have to be Lush, but they don’t have any products that contain cannabis.

Once I removed the packaging, my bathroom filled with a calming and distinct lavender scent. When I got the soap wet and began to create a lather, I actually took notice of how large this bar of soap truly is. This is definitely not some cheap bar of soap you would find at a hotel. This bar competes with the thickest of Dove’s soap bars and has moisturizers in their original organic form — that I especially love to use to keep my skin smooth.

I was worried that the coconut oil and shea butter might leave an oily residue on my skin but the suds rinsed right off, leaving my skin just the right amount of soft with the perfect touch of perfume. When you add oils such as these to your bath, you can often be left with an oily mess. However, with BudSuds, the bottom of the tub was just as I found it when I started. I have never needed to moisturize less after a bath.

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BudSuds is a manufacturer of infused cannabis soap bars based in New England.BudSuds was started by Amanda and Joe, Massachusetts natives, in early 2014. Each honeycomb BudSuds soap bar contains raw African shea butter, raw …