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Jared Moffat is the Director of Regulate Rhode Island, a non-profit committed to ending the costly and destructive policy of marijuana prohibition. Additionally, Jared is the Rhode Island Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project.


Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)
Rhode Island Political Director
The Marijuana Policy Project was founded in 1995 in Washington, DC. The founders were members of NORML, but felt the organization should be more proactive. In turn, they broke away and started the MPP. In the time since its inception, the Marijuana Policy Project has garnered support from a number of influential parties and their advisory board includes celebrities like Jack Black, Bill Maher, Adrienne Curry, and Jesse Ventura. They have been instrumental to a number of changes in cannabis policy at the state level and aims to have the same effect on a national scale. MANTIS_RECOMMEND = { …
Regulate Rhode Island
Founded in 2013, Regulate Rhode Island is a coalition of citizens and organizations committed to ending the costly and destructive policy of marijuana prohibition. Our organization relies on hundreds of volunteer advocates and dozens of member organizations to build grassroots support for regulating and taxing marijuana. We work closely with state lawmakers and Marijuana Policy Project, a national reform organization, to educate the general public about Rhode Island’s Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act, which would end marijuana prohibition and establish guidelines to create a system to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol. MANTIS_RECOMMEND = { property: '53422cdc8e92f89afbf09d5f', …

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