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Matthew Cohen is Founder/CEO of TriQ Systems and Co-Founder of the Emerald Growers Association. He has operated many different medical cannabis businesses in California that span all of the seed to sale sectors for the last 15 years.


Emerald Growers Association
Emerald Growers Association is a non-profit, member-based association of medical cannabis cultivators, business owners, and patients. Together, they promote California‚Äôs locally farmed, sustainably grown medical cannabis, and advocate for a medical cannabis industry that benefits the community, the environment, and the California economy. According to the organization, they aim to promote the medicinal, environmental, social, and economic benefits of lawfully cultivated sun-grown medical cannabis from California’s Emerald Triangle Region by advocating for public policies that foster a healthy, sustainable medical cannabis industry. MANTIS_RECOMMEND = { property: '53422cdc8e92f89afbf09d5f', render: 'mantis__recommended__wordpress' }; var z = document.createElement("script"); z.type = "text/javascript"; …

In The News

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April 18, 2014

Matthew Cohen Discusses Advantages Of Software In The Cannabis Industry
Like any other industry with parallels to the cannabis industry, comprehensive software solutions are the norm. Agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and so forth all are served by software solutions that ease record keeping, enforce best management practices, standardize operations, reduce error, and reduce operational costs through automation; the cannabis industry is no different, except that it is just now beginning. Up until now, the medical cannabis industry has operated on large margins, low levels of regulation, low taxes and moderate competition. With these new changes in the maturation of the industry we are finding operational models …

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