What is Cannabis Ruderalis?

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Last updated: June 1st, 2016

Cannabis Ruderalis is described as a near-wild (or) feral sub-species of cannabis that originates in central Russia. It is known to flower earlier than sativa or indica strains, does not grow as tall, and can withstand much harsher climates than either of them. Ruderalis will produce flowers based on its age, rather than light cycle (photoperiod) changes which govern flowering in sativa and indica varieties. This is also known as “auto-flowering”.

Ruderalis has a much lower THC content than either Sativa or Indica strains, so it is rarely grown for adult-use. The shorter stature of ruderalis limits its application for hemp production as well. However, ruderalis strains are often high in the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), so they are beginning to be grown by more and more medical marijuana users.

Outdoors, the Ruderalis plant continues to flower throughout its development, and produces colas and buds in late August, near the end of its traditional short growing season. The problem with ruderalis and with its hybrids and most ruderalis backcrosses to other varieties is that the buds don’t ripen. Instead, the stigmas turn brown but the ovary behind them doesn’t swell. The “high” from pure Ruderalis plants is more like a foggy buzz that could become a headache, however there are some crosses that are known to produce respectable highs.

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