• Blue Sugar Marijuana Strain
  • Blue Sugar Marijuana Strain
  • Blue Sugar Marijuana Strain

Blue Sugar: A Very Cerebral Experience

Blue Sugar Hybrid (what's this?)

Blue Sugar is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is genetically linked to Blue Dream and Sugar Kush.

Don’t Be Fooled By Its Sativa Charm, It’s Heavy

Blue Sugar seems to provide a look and smell like Cannabis Sativa. However, if you aren’t careful with the Blue Sugar strain, it can have some intense couch-lock capability. This is great for full body pain relief, especially when medicating in large quantities. This heavy effect stems from the Indica lineage of Sugar Kush (Candy Kush x Hash Plant). The Sugar Kush strain was chosen for its ability to increase the yield, add a bit more stoniness to the equation, and improve the show quality of the bud structure.

Blue Sugar Leaves a Lasting Impression

The high is instant and plentiful with this batch of medical marijuana; it seems to put me in a trance-link state that is great for thinking deeply about one thought at a time. Anything else is just a distraction that gets in the way! Despite the heaviness from the Sugar Kush, the Haze in the Blue Dream will let your mind continue to race.

Despite being a near 50/50 hybrid, Blue Sugar is typically listed under Sativa on dispensary menus because of its ability to stimulate the mind and space you out.

Blue Sugar tends to make you feel happy and motivated in low quantities, but much more spaced out and tired when medicating in high quantities — much like other Hybrid cannabis strains.

This batch of Blue Sugar tastes and smells most like Blue Dream with an extra kick of spice from the Kush in its lineage. Definitely one of the strongest odors I have come across in awhile, easily deserving its 10/10 rating we’ve awarded this batch.

Shout out to Point Loma of San Diego for providing more great medicine for medical marijuana patients. Their other edibles helped me get through a pretty nasty sickness this week, so I am forever grateful.

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