• Blueberry Jack  Marijuana Strain
  • Blueberry Jack  Marijuana Strain
  • Blueberry Jack  Marijuana Strain

Blueberry Jack Strain: Blue Jack For Short

Blueberry Jack, popularly known as “Blue Jack”, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid Cannabis strain that is the unique offspring of Blue Dream and Jack Herer.

As soon as I opened the pop-top of Blueberry Jack, the familiar scent of Jack Herer immediately filled my nostrils. Although the scent of Jack Herer was overbearing, there were definitely fruity undertones that came through when I broke it up.

Despite the fruity smell being subdued by the classic “Jack” smell, I read that this strain typically smells more like blueberries than Jack. On the other hand, the flowers in this batch looked a lot more like Blue Dream than Jack Herer, so it really is a toss up.

Much like Blue Dream, the buds were lightly compact and covered in tan trichomes with dirty brown hairs. We also noticed that the flowers were more uniform in shape than the typical Blue Dream strain, which probably comes from the Jack Herer in its heritage.

“As with the smell, the distinct flavors of Jack Herer overwhelmed the blueberry undertones with this particular cut. I’m not complaining…”

The smoke was extremely smooth; I could tell it was definitely grown and cured properly by the growers of MyGreenFast.com. As with the smell, the distinct flavors of Jack Herer overwhelmed the smooth blueberry undertones with this particular cut. You definitely won’t hear me complaining…

The effects set in three to four minutes after the first bowl from the VapeXhale Cloud. I felt my sinuses clear (I notice this effect with certain strains) and a heavy Sativa head rush set in that made my entire head comfortably heavy. Instead of the feeling concentrating in one particular area of my head, like behind my face or eyes, this was more of an all-encompassing relaxation.

After another bowl, the release of tension moved down throughout my arms and legs and soon my entire body felt completely relaxed. I actually found myself putting down the bowl halfway through the session to let the effects creep. I found it extremely hard to focus on what I was doing, as my mind kept tracing off as it dove into deep thought after deep thought.

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