• Green Candy Marijuana Strain
  • Green Candy Marijuana Strain

Green Candy Medical Marijuana Strain

Green Candy Hybrid (what's this?)

The Green Candy strain stems from the genetic combination of Green Crack and Candy Kush.

For those of you that are familiar with Green Crack are probably aware of it’s ability to make you bounce off the walls with energy. This strong Sativa mind-warp, mixed with the heaviness of kush (Indica-dominant) provides a near perfect 50/50 Hybrid smoke session that provides medicine for the body and mind alike.

So what do you get when you mix Green Crack (Sativa) and Candy Kush (Indica-dominant Hybrid) together? The answer: A sweet tasting, lemon-scented bud with undertones of candy skunk that eases the mind and alleviates stress.

Unfortunately for us, this particular batch of Green Candy we have to review left much more to be desired. The lack of smell and potency leads us to believe it was not grown/cured correctly.

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