• Green Diamond Marijuana Strain
  • Green Diamond Marijuana Strain

Green Diamond & Its Mysterious Ancestry

Green Diamond Hybrid (what's this?)

Green Diamond is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from the combination of Green Crack and Diamond OG.

When I picked up this strain I had somewhat of an agenda. We had plans to go to the Haha Comedy Cafe in Los Angeles, and I wanted to medicate with a strain that would relieve any social anxiety, as well as keep me awake and alert. Once I came across this cut of Green Diamond, I figured I couldn’t possibly go wrong with genetics that link back to a cross of Green Crack and Diamond OG.

The Green Diamond gene pool is a murky one; the stories behind its ancestors are a mystery to most of us, mostly because the Green Crack strain has an unknown lineage.

Green Crack stems from a cut of Skunk #1 X an unknown Indica. Despite its hybrid genetics, Green Crack is extremely Sativa-dominant. In our experience, it’s one of the best Sativa strains you can find; it’s known for giving you focused energy and is successful when used to combat ADHD. The story behind Diamond OG is even more uncertain. Debates about the origin of OG strains are as common as Darwin vs Intelligent Design (check out our story on the mystery of OG Kush). Despite your belief about how OG strains have come to be, it’s obvious they have spread throughout the cannabis community. Everywhere you look in Southern California you are bound to see a number of strains with the name “OG.”

OG Phenotypes Come to the Forefront

On the surface, the difference between the different OG strains can be monumental. So much so, that people often think they are a result of crossbreeding. Usually, however, each OG is simply a different phenotype of the original strain. Similar to the genetics of people, cannabis has a recessive gene structure. This is what determines which characteristics of a strain will continue on to the next generation. Basically, each seed (from the same mother) has the same genotype, or genetic make-up. When the seed has grown into a mature plant, it will have characteristics (taste, smell, potency, etc.) unique to itself; this is what we call phenotypes. Diamond OG is a powerful pheonotype of the OG family. The idea of crossing it with Green Crack excited us and we had to give it a try.

Green Diamond Is A Relaxing, Creative Strain

Green Diamond has the look of a traditional OG at first glance. Its small, compact flowers are a very bright green. They’re covered in powdery white trichomes so that it resembles funnel cake. When we opened the container, we could sense a slight piney scent indicative of most OGs, but not overpowering by any means. The smell seemed to translate into taste quite well. When we loaded it into the vaporizer we were treated to earthy, piney undertones. While the taste was there, it didn’t blow us away; we were left wishing there was more flavor to it. What Green Diamond lacks in smell and taste it makes up for in potency.

The effects from Green Diamond are calming, yet inspirational. In my personal opinion, it’s best used in the treatment of anxiety or PTSD. The energy provided by the Green Crack seems to be the perfect marriage for the anxiety relief OG strains are famous for without making you overwhelmingly tired. If you are lucky enough to stumble across this hybrid strain, don’t miss out on the opportunity to give it a try.

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