• Green Ribbon Marijuana Strain
  • Green Ribbon Marijuana Strain

Green Ribbon May Combat Insomnia, Anxiety

Green Ribbon Hybrid (what's this?)

A Cocktail Of Hybrids Combine For Powerful Relief

Despite a lack of general lack of information, some research and a bit of personal experience told me that Green Ribbon is a product of Green Crack, Trainwreck, and Afgoo. I found this lineage via Sacramento News & Reviewand found that it agreed with my experiences of the individual strains and Green Ribbonitself.

Green Crack is obviously present in the genetics of the of Green Ribbon; The flowers are a spitting image of their predecessors.

Unlike some Hybrids, I felt like I could determine which characteristics came from which part of the Green Ribbonstrain’s genetics. The Green Ribbon strain’s flowers are light green with orange, well manicured hairs. There were undertones of the citrusy scent I associate with Green Crack, which is the result of Skunk #1 and an unknown Indica.

Trainwreckis the second strain involved in the lineage of Green Ribbon. Like Green Crack, it is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Thai and Mexican Sativa were crossed with Afghani Indica genetics and the result is a heady high as well as a heavy couch-lock. Trainwreckis apparent in the fruity scent and sweet taste of the Green Ribbon strain.

The Green Ribbon Strain Is Heavily Influenced By Afgoo

Depending where you are located, this Cannabis strain may be referred to as: Afgooey, Afghan Goo, or Af-Gooey, among some others.

I found that researching Afgoo, the third strain in the Green Ribbonstrain’s lineage, can be quite the task. There are a number of names people use for this strain, but they all refer to this crossing of Afghani#1 and Maui Haze. Afgoo is heavily Indica-dominant. This potent strain effects the entire body and is often used to regulate sleep. It was evident to me, that there was at least some Afgoo influence in this batch.

An Extremely Helpful, Well-Rounded Strain

The Green Ribbon strain certainly has the pedigree to be a beneficial strain to the medical field. The combination of top-notch genetics results in a strain suitable for a number of conditions, such as: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, and Insomnia.

After medicating with this strain I felt all my worries drift away. I experienced a hardcore couch-lock coupled with a stress-free mindset when I smoked a joint. However, when I put the Green Ribbon strain in the vaporizer I experienced a heady, uplifting high that motivated me to kick a soccer ball for a while.

This is definitely a powerful strain. It seems to have an ability to mold to your state of mind; if you remain active it should be easy to fight off the influence of the sleep-inducing Afgoo strain.

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